How to Stop Shoes Rubbing My Little Toe

Wondering how to stop shoes rubbing my little toe? But before that you need to know, there are few things on this earth that are immensely unpleasant that not only annoy but cause unbearable injuries to your toes and the reasons are plenty. At the same time there are probable solutions for prevention as well. The main reason of why does my pinky toe hurts when i wear shoes is the tightness of the shoes.

The entire world knows about the feeling of pain and discomfort when there are blisters on little toe. Thus readers always ask about “how to stop shoes from rubbing my little toe?” and there are best possible solutions for it. Indeed blisters on pinky toes or any severe infection is never desirable for women or men. 

So a person is uncomfortable whether it is his toe hitting front of shoe or pinky toe pain when walking anytime. The same problem is what happens if you wear tight shoes or don’t have shoe bite protector. Consequently you will be unable to concentrate on your task, job or any household chore. But for every cause there is prevention and plausible solution.

How to Stop Shoes Rubbing My Little Toe

Various Methods for Blister Free Toe:

In this section various solutions and cures will help you on why does my little toe hurt and can be simply be implemented on toes hurt in shoes.

Wear Shoes with Spacious Toe Box

Indeed if you are wearing tight shoes with too narrow pinky toe front then definitely your little toe will get blisters. As movement of toes are not comfortable in such type of shoes and that is why it is better to buy such shoes that have toe box which is narrower. So that the little toes gets more space without toes sticking out of sandals that will cause stoppage of pinky toe blisters from shoes.

Tight Lacing of Shoes

Once you have bought shoes with spacious toe box then second thing is to maintain the lacing system properly. Number of people are habitual of loose shoe lacing that is not good for your toes thus causing discomfort. Thus to avoid such issue make sure that shoe laces are not loose and are tightly laced. So if your pinky toe hurts in shoes then this will provide easiness and will enable you to walk elegantly.

Flexible Supportive Upper 

When you are buying shoes then make sure that they have supportive flexible upper as tight and inflexible upper will create blisters in little toe. Without a doubt to avoid such situation a foot wear should be chosen that has flexible upper so that when you wear it then it should not hurt your toes.

Choose Shoes with Apt Size

Most of the problems of corns and blisters are because of the shoes that are not of the size of your feet. Meaning the shoes that you are wearing are very much tight and not comfortable thus results in pain and distress. So it is very important to wearing in new shoes feet hurt that are according to the size of your feet to prevent pains from shoe rubbing pinky toe.

Use Thick Socks

The most convenient method to stop pinky toe rubbing in shoes is to always wear thick socks. Indeed such socks provide cushioning and comfort to your feet. As a result, you will never face the pain of shoes hurting pinky toe just like my little toes.

Stretching Shoes 

Stretching Shoes 

Remember if your new shoes hurt feet or how to fix tight shoes because tight shoes toe pain. And they are made of leather, suede or nubuck then use dry method. In that you have to only heat up the toe box by using hair dryer for 5 to 6 minutes and repeat the process for few days. Apply this method and focus more on the toe box for best stretching if new shoe pain is relieving faster.

Blister Cushions

Here are the most commonly used tools for avoiding blister on pinky toe from shoes which is blister cushions. You have to fit it your toes and they are like another skin on your pinch toes and this tool is perfect for everyone who is facing such difficulty. They provide support and cushioning to the toes thus it protects your skin from any damage as well.

Moleskin Padding Rolls

Another tool for avoiding blisters or pinky toe swollen from shoes is moleskin padding rolls. Hence you have to easily apply on your toes as it avoids friction in your toe box when you are walking and running. In this way your little toe is comfortable and feels no pain and the new shoes hurt my feet feeling goes away.

Gel Toe Cap

Above all if you are suffering from blisters and pain then use any gel toe protector or gel toe cap for cure. It is a tube of gel and is padded so you have to wear it on your toe and it is the remedy for other toe injuries as well. Moreover they remain intact on the similar position and give you relief for the entire day.

For Stretch Freeze the Footwear

Hence if you want your toes to escape blisters then you have to stretch your shoes and it can be done by freezing them. Therefore place your shoes in sealed form in the freezer for few hours and after taking it out you will find that shoes are now stretch and open in toe box. Thus you can wear them without fear of injury, blisters, and shoes hurting toes and save toes in shoes.

Use Toe Spreader

Use Toe Spreader

Mostly the common cause of pinky toes hurt with shoes is the overlapping of your toes or toes sticking out of shoes. Thus the overlapped toes or toes rubbing together lead to very less friction and causes pain and corns. This is the result when all shoes hurt my feet or pinky toe blister running occurs in knob toed shoes.

For that purpose top quality toe separator should be used to avoid blister on pinky toe from walking. In this way your toes will not overlap and cause toes pinching. Thus, you can easily walk in your shoes without any pain or rubbing of toes. 


Finally as long as you have purchased right size of shoes then you will not face any problem of pinky toe pain from shoes. So you always go for the right size to solve how to make your toe stop hurting and blister issues. But if still your little toe squish is rubbing and causing corns. Then any one method mentioned above can be used to avoid such issues of small toe blisters. 

All the above methods for avoiding blister pinky toe from shoes are guaranteed. They can be manually applied by every person and above all have no side effects. Thus whichever method suits you for stretching converse hurt my pinky toe solutions, follow it. And, you will see awesome results regarding shoes rubbing pinky toe.

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