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My shoe stinks and I am worried how to get smell out of shoes? Shoes smell is a common issue for all and smelly shoes are an embarrassment indeed. We know there is always fun, enjoyment and games in summer season until somebody’s shoes are making the house stinky and smelly.

Obviously it happens in a cycle that is predictable: the hot weather causes sweat in the feet and of course sweaty legs or feet leave wetness in shoes that leads to unpleasant smell, stinky shoes and causes bacteria as well. 

Removing shoe odor is not a difficult thing. Over use, shedding of skin, bacteria, dirt, fungus and lack of air flow causes stink in shoes. But that does not mean to throw away those stinky and smelly shoes just like that. Today how to clean stinky shoes is easy. We will share some amazing tips on removing smells from shoes and effective processes to remove bad odor from your shoes. 

Obviously you have come to the apt place for getting information on how to get rid of smelly shoes. If you are searching for various methods of removing stinky smells from the shoes, you will not be disappointed.

How to Get Smell Out of Shoes  Hulistic

The only secret to remove smell from shoes is to remove moisture from shoes. Even new shoes smell and in solution for how to keep shoes from smelling, without a doubt number of people use deodorant or any other fragrance to remove the odor from shoes but that is only for time being and only hide the smell. It is not getting rid of shoe odor forever. A quick remedy could be shoe smell remover for some. However, shoes odor removal is not the only way out.

Remove smells from shoes until shoe odor is gone. Nevertheless when the bad odor is completely dried out then the smell is completely cut off because the main source is completely killed.

Here are few ways to get rid of stinky shoes, some are home remedies while other are commercial. You can choose to use any method which is suitable and convenient accordingly. Then you can relish fresh and odorless summers and make your home free from stinky smells.

How to Remove Smell from Shoes- (Methods to Remove Bad Odor from Shoes)

There are unlimited processes on how to get rid of shoe odor. To remove bad odor from shoes or clean shoes stinky or smelly sneaker for that matter, simply follow any of the given below process and eliminate shoe odor.

1) How to get the smell out of shoes- Simple Procedures:

Essential Oils

One of the easiest methods is to pour baking soda & few drops of essential oils in the shoes and leave it for 12 to 13 hours. It will absorb moisture & odor, then pack the shoes in zip lock purse and freeze it for one night. The freezing temperature will kill the smell causing bacteria and you get rid of shoe odor.

Cotton Balls

Another interesting process for getting smell out of shoes is that of using cotton ball. Take few cotton balls and add few drops of essential oils into them. Insert them into the shoes and leave them for one night. You will get positive results for shoes smell bad.

Use of Sunlight

Nature is always the best. The easiest way to get smell out of shoes is to place the shoes under sunshine for a day or two. This will help in drying out the moisture and will also prevent bacteria from growth which results in boots stink removal.

Use Freezer

Do you want to try something rather interesting & new on how to fix stinky shoes? Yes, the freezer at your home kitchen can be used to remove the smell out of shoes. All you need to do is put the shoes in a sealed bag and place it in the freezer for one night. The low temperature kills the bacteria that causes stink and your shoes odor will be fresh and pleasant.

Lemon Peels

Get rid of smell in shoes with lemon peels if there is no issue of moisture. Put lemon peels in the shoes for 12 or 13 hours and get the bad smell vanish.

Wash Your Shoes

Wash Your Shoes

Smelly boot can be done with if your shoes are washable. Wash the stinky boots or use fabric cleaner if shoes are not washable. After giving it bath put the shoes under sunshine or near heater until they dry out. This way the odor causing bacteria dies and the smell will diminish. But do not wear them until they are completely dry. Make sure there is no moisture before using it.

2) How to remove shoes odor- Ingredient Procedures

Baby Powder

Using baby powder is one of the common methods for removing smell from shoes. Sprinkle baby powder in shoes or apply it on your feet. If feet are sweating afterwards then apply it again. It helps in keeping the feet dry and no odor causing bacteria will be born. Moreover the fragrance of baby powder helps in deodorizing the shoes. This is an inexpensive, home-done way to remove smell from shoes.

Tea Bag

My shoes stink and I don’t know how to get the odor out of shoes. Do not worry about this, you have a solution. Tea bags also help fighting the bad odor as black tea has tannins and they are useful in killing bacteria that are found in shoes. Take boiling water in a pot, place few sachets of tea bags in it and leave it for several minutes. After some time, take out the bags and let them cool, after cooling put them inside the shoes. Afterwards remove the tea bags and you will find there is no bad smell left behind.

Cedar Wood 

Cedar wood is the key how to make your shoes not smell. It has natural power to kill fungus and is awesome deodorizer. Definitely putting them inside shoes will help in removing the smell and will deodorize them as well. This is a little expensive one though but possible way how to remove bad smell from shoes. You can try it on leather shoes.

Odor Removing Sprays 

There are sprays that are helpful in removing bad smell from shoes because it has bacteria and enzymes that eat the smell causing things.

Baking Soda

Ever you search on Google for how to remove shoe smell. Baking soda is the first ingredient as an answer. It is used by numerous people to remove smell from shoes. 

The process goes like this. Add 2-3 tablespoons baking soda and few drops of essential oils in a coffee filter. Close the filter and tight it with rubber band. Then put the soda bag in each shoe so that it can absorb wetness and smell. This way, you successfully remove odor from shoes. You can also sprinkle the above mixture for the same purpose. 

White Vinegar

White vinegar is an outstanding ingredient to kill bacteria and thus can prove helpful in how to remove shoe odor. A solution of water & vinegar should be used for such a purpose. Make solution and spray it on the shoes. Hopefully you will get positive results.

Soap Bar

Another tactic that could be tried on how to get the stink out of shoes is the use of soap. It is simple, put a soap bar in the shoes and the porous property of soap will help remove smell from the shoes.


Cloves are very effective in helping how to get rid of smell in shoes. Now, it is easy how to remove shoe odors with cloves. Take some cloves in a piece of cloth and place them in each shoe. Leave them for few hours and you will find that stinky smell is gone.

How to prevent shoes from smelling

3) How to prevent shoes from smelling- Preventive Procedures:

Wash Feet with Soap

We know that the main reason of smell in shoes is that of perspiration of feet. As fungus and bacteria are born hot, wet and humid conditions so by washing feet with soap that is antibacterial will help a lot. Because bacteria will be killed and also there will be no bad odor caused.

Change Socks Often

Particularly changing the socks often will play vital role in reducing the birth of smell causing bacteria. For that purpose cotton socks should be avoided if you have to wear it for long hours because they absorb moisture. Indeed bamboo or woolen socks are much better as it causes less moisture.

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After discussing all the methods on how to get rid of shoe smell, we can guarantee that nothing can stop you from wearing your favorite pair of shoes. Thus they will no more smell stinky and sweat, over use, dirt, bacteria, fungus and lack of air flow cannot cause any stinky smell if preventive measures are taken with care. Because now there are many methods to remove the bad smell and stinky odor. Shoe stink is not a tension anymore.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How to get stink out of shoes?

People have always been worrying about how to remove odor from shoes. We give you simple solutions like use baby powder, lemon peels and baking soda to mention a few.

Q2. What are cheap & instant ways for shoe smell removal?

In order to get a detail answer for how to get odor out of shoes, please read our guide. But to give you a quick recap there are three major methods within that lay a longer list of ways & tips to get the smell out of shoes.