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How to dress for a server job interview

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A lot of people apply for jobs in restaurants and coffee shops and that is why they have many interviews round the year. As the environment in restaurants is very different from an office therefore it is fairly common to not know how to dress for such an interview. Despite the difference, it is important to know what to wear and be prepared for the interview.

Usually the waiter attire or waitress dress code depends on the type of job that you are applying in an eatery. For instance, you will need to be in a formal dress or wear restaurant manager outfits for high level management job. On the other hand, if you are applying for a lower management job then you will need something semi casual to wear.

How to dress for a server job interview

What to wear to a Restaurant job interview

There are two factors that will help you in deciding what kind of a dress will be suitable for an interview at a restaurant. For instance, if you are interviewing for different positions as a server then stick to all-black semi-formal attire. Besides, if you are going for a managerial post interview, then try a well primed business casual look.

Dress code for different mealtime interviews

No matter what type of job you are applying, it is important to know how to make the best impression on your interview with restaurants clothing. Keeping this in mind, you have to choose the most appropriate outfit when appearing for different jobs at different eateries. Beside, our guide will also give you tips for mealtime interviews as well so keep on reading the article.

Coffee Shop

Usually coffee shops do not need full-on formal attire for the interview. For example, if you are appearing for an interview at a local coffee shop, a crisp shirt with jeans will be fine. On the other hand, if it’s a corporate coffee shop, then you will have to wear a formal dress for a management level post.

Casual Lunch

In case you are invited to a lunch time interview by the host interview then search for the restaurant dress codes on different rating sites. If there is no mentioning of the dress code, then go for a polished semi-casual look. 

Also, wear light color button downs and pants along boat shoes for men and flats for women. Besides, keep the season in mind what to wear to a restaurant interview when opting for the light colors apparels.

Mid-Scale Lunch

Mid-scale restaurants require a little bit of sophistication so try a comfortable business formal look for it. For men, it is best to wear an open blazer over a formal shirt with no tie or no blazer and a formal shirt with a tie. This restaurant manager attire is usually for the mid-scale lunch interviews. 

For women, it is recommended to wear a knee length pencil skirt and a formal button down top for a restaurant hostess uniforms. Besides, they can opt for a tailored dress with low heels or flats for the job of a restaurant hostess dress code. Both these options work great for happy hour meetings in an upscale environment like a hotel or lounge or bar interviews.

Upscale Lunch

Always remember that an upscale lunch at an establishment always requires full formal attire. The formal business attire for men consists of a suit or dress slacks and a jacket, shirt, tie, dark socks and dress shoes. 

As for what do hostess wear, it includes a suit, dress, slacks, a blouse, or a formal dress with closed-toe shoes. This is usually the restaurant manager dress code or the female restaurant manager attire that is called restaurant hostess outfit.

Some important points to remember

Some important points to remember

There are some important points to remember when appearing for a job interview as a server. Although the usual restaurant interview attire of servers is casual at restaurants, they still require a professional outlook at the interview stage. Adding to this, our list of few important points will help you in nailing it in the first meeting.

Choose an outfit that reflects your personality

Even if it is a casual restaurant, you will still be required to dress conservatively when choosing on what to wear to an interview at a restaurant. Always choose wrinkle free button downs and dresses and try to wear neutral colors. Try to add a touch of your personality by wearing a tasteful tie or scarf to enhance your appearance.

Be confident and wear comfortable dress 

Job interviews at restaurants are a bit tricky and require good communication skills and confidence. Thus, always keep in mind to be confident on what do waiters wear while discussing the nature of the job. It is also important to be comfortable in the dress and thoughts that you share during the interview.

Wear the right shoes

Just like the dress or restaurant attire, you shoes play an important role in making that great first impression. So, opt for the best for restaurant manager post that are not too casual and are comfortable when you walk in them. They should not hinder your appearance and must help you in moving easily and comfortably.  

Show work history

Whenever you appear for an interview, take at least two copies of your resume with you. Keep one with yourself and give the other to the interviewee to review your work experience. Also, don’t just read from the resume, try to engage in a discussion by giving chronological details of your work experience. 

Discuss availability

Discussing your availability is a key factor to help you in getting the job without any scheduling issues. If you have classes or a full time job then always discuss your availability in advance so that they can determine whether you can take the job or not without any confusion.

Tips for Interviews at Coffee Shops and Restaurants

Tips for Interviews at Coffee Shops and Restaurants

Hiring managers at restaurants and coffee shops always opt for interviews over a coffee or during meals. This gives them an opportunity to judge your social skills in case the job is related to social interaction. 

Moreover, it also creates a comfortable environment for the interviewee. Therefore always be confident and engage them in a polite conservation to make a good impression on them. And never forget to choose the best waitressing clothes for what to wear to a waitress interview or waitress attire. 

If you are looking for what to wear to a bar men along server interview tips then check the male bartender outfits, female bartender outfits or dress code in the next article. Moreover, hostess attire is as important to the collective hostess outfits restaurants so always choose your server outfits or attire wisely.  


Learning how to rock waiters’ dresses for an interview is an experience on its own and may seem quite difficult. But don’t be worried about waiter outfits; you will be able to make the best impression on your restaurants hostess jobs interview by following our tips. 

Next time when you appear for a server job interview, keep these ideas of serving outfits on what to wear to a restaurant and you will rock the interview with this server clothes. Moreover, our waitress outfit ideas can also help you in boosting your performance.