How to tell if your shoes are vegan | The Ultimate guide

How to tell if your shoes are vegan when you purchase a brand new pair of vegan footwear. Here’s a useful guide to follow when buying, selecting & wearing vegan shoes.

As the fashion for vegans shifts to popular vegan footwear, it has become the most sought-after fashion item. The industry is growing constantly and new brands that are vegan are launched every year. It doesn’t matter if its stilettos or hiking boots, vegan footwear is gaining popularity in both the marketplace and with consumers.

If you’re working on making a vegan-friendly wardrobe, shoes are an essential element. Here’s a useful guideline to use when selecting, buying & wearing vegan shoes.

In the world of ours all shoes would be vegan. But the fact is not everyone is vegan in the society. Therefore, majority of the shoes available in the marketplace are not vegan. The fact is that many models of footwear such as boots, heels and boots and even aprons, are made of leather.

How to tell if your shoes are vegan-The Ultimate guide

Leather symbols and vegan shoes

Leather usage is the most infamous animal killer in fashion business. It takes more than 1 billion lives each year. The majority of the animals killed are cows however leather may also be obtain from pigs, sheep goats, goats and many other animals.

It’s not widely known that leather is also obtained from cat and dog skin. Two millions of animals die each year in China’s cat and dog leather industry. Sometime, leather makes it into UK or European markets because of the hazy supply chain that is extremely difficult to track.

The practice of mislabeling is widespread and frequent. Therefore, it is difficult to determine exactly what you’re wearing when purchasing leather.

Not being a vegan or green option, leather is an environmental risk. The agriculture of animals is among the primary factors that contribute to change in the environment & leather is main component of the animal farming industry like meat. 80-percent of deforestation levels within Amazon are because of cattle ranching that includes leather.

Apart from the primary material shoes may also have small components, for instance glues that can sometimes be derived from animals? It is a difficult issue and often no one, not the manufacturer even can be certain whether the glues came from animals.

Certain certifications, which are approved Vegan, ensure that the products do not contain any animal substances or materials.

How do I know which footwear is vegan?

You shouldn’t experience any issues because many companies love to boast about the shoes they make as being pure leather. Typically, leather goods will include a tag or some other form of proof that the item is made of animal skin. The label show it clearly to the vegans to recognize non-vegan products and avoid.

In other instances, the shoe may have small images on the labels to assist you in determining its vegan or not. If you notice the symbol that looks similar to the cowhide, it’s made out of animal skin.

Moreover, if there’s the diamond shape sign or symbol that resembles a net that is a symbol for materials made by humans.

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