How to clean velvet shoes | Easy cleaning guide

Missing on how to clean velvet shoes is a big problem for many ladies out there which hinders their gorgeous looks. Though they are mandatory in any woman’s wardrobe, the luxurious and beautiful fabric of the shoes makes it difficult to maintain because many people do not know how to clean velvet shoes. Cleaning velvet shoes requires special care to keep them fresh and make them stand out among other shoes. 

Here it is important to know that the material of velvet shoes is vulnerable to spillages and thus it is difficult to know how to clean velour shoes. These spillages can cause the fabric to become matt or blot which destroys the look of the shoes. But you don’t have to worry because now it is easy to take care of your velvet shoes. 

While there are ways to make them resilient by using protective sprays, it is still advisable to pay more attention to them. A handy rule to remember is to never wear velvet shoes in rain or snow because it is difficult to remove stains caused by them. Also, don’t search for tips on how to wash velvet shoes because washing them will damage the velvet in the first attempt.

How to clean velvet shoes

Tips on how to clean velvet shoes

There are a few other tips and tricks that will help you in learning how to clean velvet shoes. If you want to know then keep on reading the article on how to protect velvet shoes to give love to your shoes.

Cleaning tips for dirt and mud stains

Dry your shoes first

Velvet shoes have the ability to absorb even the slightest particles of dust and mud. These particles form a cake of mud around the fabric of the shoes and make it look awful. So, always let the mud dry around completely before trying to clean the shoes.  Once the mud is dry, it is easier to remove the dirt or mud from the crushed velvet shoes.

Use brush for removing dirt

After drying them out, always use a brush with soft bristles to remove the dirt from the velvet shoes. Remember to brush in the direction of the nap so as to restore the sheen of the fabric. Besides, it is advisable to brush your velvet shoes after every wear to maintain them easily. 

Brushing on a regular basis makes it easy to clean them and keeps the dirt to a lesser degree. Moreover, it prevents damage to the nap which makes them last longer than usual.

Cleaning tips for spills and marks

Blot excessive moisture

Whenever your velvet shoe faces a wet stain, try to blot the excess moisture as soon as possible. Simply dab the surface of the shoe with an absorbent material and soak up the moisture with it. This will prevent the stain from getting settled on the surface and will make it easy to clean it quickly. 

Use DIY cleaning solutions

Use DIY cleaning solutions

To make your own cleaning solution, mix water and dish soap in a small bowl and it is ready for use. Similarly, you can make a solution of lemon juice and two tablespoons of baking soda which is an alternative method for making a solution. Fill the bowl with lemon juice till you get a good amount of foam on the top of the mixture. 

Apply the solution with a soft cloth

After the foamy consistency, just skim a piece of soft cloth over the suds or foam and wipe it over the stains. Try to wipe the stains gently with long straight movements without disturbing the nap of the velvet shoe. 

A tip to remember regarding how to clean velvet boots is to prevent the velvet from getting damp and not let the stains from spreading ahead. Also, don’t rub the solution directly onto the velvet because it will damp the shoes and may spread the stain. After that, let the shoes air dry to make them ready for using them again.

General tips for maintaining velvet shoes

Use a protective spray

Using a protective spray can help reduce the stains by spreading a waterproof layer on the surface of the shoes. While they do not make your velvet heels completely waterproof, they do create a layer of protection over them. 

As a result, these velvet shoe protectors can save your velvet black shoes or white velvet heels from wet velvet stains. You can find a number of these protective sprays in the market as well as online even for velvet tennis shoes. Keep in mind to choose the ones that are for velvet shoes only and not the ones that are made for leather or suede.

Always store them after cleaning

Keeping in view the delicacy of the fabric, don’t just throw your velvet shoes in the closet. First of all, learn how to clean velvet shoes thoroughly then clean them and put them in a shoe bag that allows air through it. After that you can keep them in the closet but always remember to keep them under room temperature. 

Besides, you can store them in a purpose-built rack to avoid mishaps to the shape of the shoes. In case you don’t have one, you can always make a DIY shoe rack by watching videos over the internet.