What shoes can be resoled

What shoes can be resoled | Guide with tips for shoe resoling 

What shoes can be resoled is a question everyone is concerned about. When you wear good quality shoes, you’ll often find that the soles of these shoes wear out long before the upper part do. The outsoles on the shoes are made of softer rubber, which easily wears down as it rubs against the ground when walking.

Several factors determine how long an outsole lasts, including:

  • Distance walked and weight carried
  • The surface they are worn on, and how long they are worn for
  • The weight of the person wearing them
  • Walking patterns and strides

A resoling procedure is often used to replace the outsoles of high-end footwear. High quality shoes and boots can be repaired with resoling, which prolongs their life and prevents them from going to landfill.

What shoes can be resoled  Guide with tips for shoe resoling 

When Should Shoes Be Resoled

What is the right time to resole a shoe? You can tell if the sole is worn out if they are disintegrating or having hole in them. These are prominent signs they need to get be resoled. However, it’s not always obvious. Although the soles may look fine, they could have been worn out, which would provide less slip resistance and shock absorption. 

Wearing out your soles will not only reduce your traction, but also affect the feet & joints negatively. If the shoe is less shock-absorbing, the foot will be affected by the impact of walking, instead of the shoe absorbing it. Especially when walking for long distances, these impact-causing motions can hurt joints. The uneven wearing there may be pronation involved can affect & cause discomfort as well. 

The loss of traction is another sign that the soles need replacing. It is more likely to slip when you wear down the soles, which causes the tread to become smooth. When the soles of your shoes begin to wear down, resoling is the perfect way to rejuvenate them.

Using resoles on which shoes

It’s not possible to resole all shoes. An old shoe can either be resoled or it cannot, depending on its construction and design. Replacement soles are not usually available for lower quality boots & shoes. A smart consumer would avoid this solution for low quality shoe since replacing the sole is likely to cost more than the cost of the shoe. 

Shoes with cup soles

Most cup-sole shoes are not resoleable. In most cases, removing rubber cup soles usually damages the leather, preventing it from being replaced. Cup soles are generally used in sneakers & casual shoes because they’re faster, easy, and cheap than traditional Blake stitches and Goodyear welts.

Putting new soles on Blake Stitch shoe

Blake Stitching involves stitching the uppers of the shoes direct to the soles, and the stitches are visible on both sides of the shoe. A cobbler must use a Blake Stitch Machine to resole Blake Stitch shoes, but the process is more expensive & difficult since cobblers need a machine for it.  

Putting Goodyear Welts Back Together

One commonly used and durable ways to construct shoes is using the Goodyear welt. Goodyear construction involves applying welt to the outer perimeter of shoes along the outsole. The welt is then attached to the outsole using two stitches. Resoles for Goodyear welt shoes are usually the simplest and fastest.

What is the Resoling Process

What is the Resoling Process

Resoling involves first removing old stitches, then separating outsole from upper, then midsoles and finally insoles. In order to install a new sole and welt, the stitches attaching to the outer sole & upper will be prepared first for the installation of soles. We attach the new soles in the same way as the old one. 

When replacing the soles of your shoes, it’s also a good idea to replace the worn-out insoles. However, insoles are less likely to wear down like outsoles do, but over time, the material starts to deteriorate and begin to lose its functionality & structural integrity. 

Getting Shoes Resoled

Try getting resoles from a trusted source. Look for resole providers that are approved by the manufacturer or at least generally approved by the public. There are many cobblers in cities, but you should never take your shoes to anyone who does not have experience with your particular brand & style. Shoe care is important for your shoes since you wear them everywhere you go. 

Expense Of Resoling Shoes :

Depending on the type of construction, brand & model, you will have to pay a different amount for resoling. The average cost of resoling is around $100.