How to take care of shoes Real easy

How to take care of shoes | Real easy

Shoes are an important asset that we always use on a daily basis. Just like any other thing, they always get dirty and weary with time. Therefore, it is always wise to take good care of them so that they look fresh and can last longer. Moreover, it is said that the shoes reflect a person’s personality therefore it is a must to represent your shoes in the best possible way.

Everyone has at least more than two types of shoes for different occasions in their closet. The fact is that they all need proper shoe care and if you give them a little importance, they can give you the best results. After all, you can have a great impact on people by taking care of shoes with these shoes care tips.

How to take care of your shoes

As a matter of fact, shoes only want a little attention from you to keep them fresh and new. They are happy with this little care and can give you exceptional results in terms of looks and durability. After all, they have a long-term relationship with you so they deserve this care.  

How to take care of shoes

Here, we are giving you a few tips and tricks that will help you in keeping your shoes perfect as new. 

Keep the Shoes Away From The Following 

 Moisture is not good for any type of shoes because it promotes the growth of bacteria that can wear out the shoes quickly. A tip to keep the shoes from moisture and bacteria is to use desiccants like silica pouches or gels in the soles. Thus, if you have suede shoes then you will definitely need this to know on how to take care of suede shoes.

On the other hand, if you do not have desiccants, you can also use fresh newspaper and stuff it in the soles. Always remember to change the newspaper after a week to protect your shoes from any damage.

Keep it away from dust

 Excessive dust is another reason that can make your shoes looks old and can cause the loss of natural shoe color. To avoid this, use a shoe polish and clean the shoes thoroughly on a daily basis after its usage. Also, never keep them closer to home slipper as they can cause dust particles settling on them. Moreover, it is advisable to not wear the same shoes on a regular basis and keep them in a shoes closet to prevent it from dust.

Using a shoe tree or closet

 A shoe tree or closet is a place where you keep the shoes to prevent it from dust or any other possible damage. When you keep the shoes in a shoe tree or a closet, they ensure the natural shape and texture of the shoes. Additionally, a cedar wood shoe tree or closet knows best how to take care of keeping your shoes away from moisture.

Direct sunlight

 Extreme heat or direct sunlight results in dryness of the shoes and can cause the shoes to stiffen and crumble. So, always keep the shoes in a room temperature to avoid the stiffness or crumbling of the shoes. This will result in a longer life span of the shoes and your feet will be grateful to you. Thus, if you were looking on how to keep shoes from dry rotting then you would have gotten your answer.

Avoid and Usage of Few Things

Avoid plastic shoeboxes for storage

Shoes need an even air circulation that can make them ever lasting and free of odor or color change. In this case, plastic or cardboard boxes are never a good storing solution because they do not allow air through them so please keep your shoes outside them. For storing shoes, use bags that are of breathable fabric that allows efficient air and keep your shoes fresh. 

Use shoe Polish and shiner

 It is important to polish the shoes on regular intervals and use shiners on them. This will help you in keeping the luster of the shoes and make them last longer. Besides, they also help in keeping the shoes in the genuine condition with original texture.

Avoid and Usage of Few Things

Always clean the shoe sole

 Soles are the foundation of shoes therefore it is very important to keep your shoes out clean and tidy. Some of the shoe care tips on how to protect the soles of your shoes and keeping them tidy are given below:

  • Tap your shoes together to let the dust fall off the surface
  • Clean the soles with a brush for effective results
  • Use a dry paintbrush for removing the dirt from the grooves of the sole

Rejuvenate the leather

Leather breaths therefore you must know how to maintain leather shoes by rejuvenating them with a shoe cream. Remember to apply the cream on dry shoes with a brush or soft cloth and let it settle overnight on the shoes. After the rejuvenate shoe cleaner process, you can wear the shoes and they will look fresh and comfortable.

How to Take Care of White Shoes and Soles:

White shoes and sneakers are a style icon for both men and women but they always get dirty easily. Therefore, they need some extra care to keep them in shape. To keep them clean, use a clean magic eraser after dipping it in dishwashing soap and wipe away the stains. Thus, it will give them a shiny and fresh look.

Use hydrogen peroxide and baking soda for brightening up shoes

 New and shiny pair of sneakers is a dream of everyone but what people don’t know is that they can achieve the same effect on their old sneakers as well. Take a tooth brush and dip it in a paste of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda and scrub it over the shoes surface. It creates wonders and can give your old shoes a new and shiny look just like a new pair of shoes.

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Shoes are an integral part of our lives and thus they deserve all the care to serve you for longer periods. Anyone who ignores their shoes will likely have to face the changes in its shape and comfort. Beside, those who care for their shoes always have them shine and boost their confidence to a greater degree. Thus, learn the tips from this article on how to take care of shoes and make them shine.