How to Stretch Cowboy Boots

How to Stretch Cowboy Boots | Tips & Tricks

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Cowboy boots stretching has always been a need for all those who face issues in fitting. Here are some tips & tricks on how to stretch a cowboy boots. 

Boot stretching is now easy. Do it in a go at home, workplace or even if you are riding.    

There is no doubt about the strength of cowboy shoes. They are high profile, tough yet chic and above all upscale posh.

How to Stretch Cowboy Boots

How to Stretch boots at Home

The most practiced way of stretching boots at home is wear double pair of socks means to say that instead of using one pair, you shall try two socks for each feet. This way of boot stretching is safe, convenient and workable.

How to Stretch Cowboy Boots Instep

Sometimes, the fitting seems fine but it hurts the instep part of the foot. What do you do then? Boot stretcher could be your simple solution. Just make sure you do the instep stretch only, otherwise there are chances of damage done to your shoes. Therefore, use the shoes instep particular for this purpose.

Boot Stretching Spray

Another possible option is boot stretcher spray. Yes, it is true. Stretch boots by simply using the specified spray, which is commonly available in almost every store in the market.  

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How to Stretch leather boots

You must be wondering do leather boots stretch. In order to understand how leather boots stretch, you must know that first you should try the natural way-which is to wear & walk in your shoes for few days. This may be a slow method but it is safe and steady. If you are impatient and want to stretch boot ahead of time, then go ahead. Follow the below steps for leather boots stretching.

  • Take a steamer, it could be a pot, a kettle anything.
  • Fix the direction of the steamer to the exact position of the shoes you want to stretch.
  • Allow the steam for about 25-30seconds.
  • After steaming is done, cool the shoes for a little while.
  • Finally, wear the shoes and start walking.
  • The more you walk, the more it stretches. (This is how to stretch out leather boots)  
How to Break In Cowboy boots

How to Break In Cowboy boots

To learn better about stretching cowboy boots, knowledge about parts of cowboy boots will be helpful. Thus stretch cowboy boots and enjoy your stretch bootie. To sum up; be it cowboy boot stretcher, instep boot stretcher or boot stretch spray, all do the same job with minor variations depending on the material of your shoes.

Further, we can explore some other ways on how to stretch a boot. For instance, plunge your cowboy boots into a water tub or any container big enough to hold sufficient water for the shoes to be submerged. 

Don’t like the above idea? No issue, put a water bag in your shoes and freeze them for about 7-9hours. As time passes and the water gets freeze, the shoes will start expanding themselves.  


Let’s summarize our info about how to stretch boots. We can have stretchy boots by using boot stretchers, boot instep stretcher, leather boot stretchers using the below methods

  1. Wearing extra pair of socks
  2. Submerging shoes in water
  3. Freezing a sac of water inside the boots
  4. Use a boot stretcher
  5. Buy a stretching spray
  6. Using steam

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How can I stretch my cowboy boots at home?

The easiest method to try at home is do nothing. Yes, exactly do nothing. Keep wearing an extra pair of socks or use instep stretcher for boots to get your problem a solution by sitting at your home. That is the simplest way of stretching leather boots.     

Q2. How do you loosen tight cowboy boots?

Having tight cowboy boots and pondering how to stretch out boots of yours. Worry not because here is your answer. Dip your shoes into a water container for a while and put them own once they are dry. The boots automatically stretches.    

Q3. Do cowboy boots stretch out?

Indeed they do. Purchase a leather boot stretcher and stretch out your shoes as much as you wish. This is an effortless way of how to stretch a leather boot.

Q4. How can I make my boots looser?

There are many ways of doing it. Buy a boot stretching spray, use steam or ice and problem solved.