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In Romania, there is only one postal service provider that offers the Posta Romana tracking service to facilitate its clients. This company was founded in 1862 to meet the postal needs of the nation for reliable courier shipping. Therefore, their tracking service works great and can help you track your parcel with only a consignment number.

Indeed, tracking a parcel has become a need of the day because people send and receive thousands of shipments on a daily basis. During all this, there is a high chance that you parcel may get damaged or misplaced. Thus, tracking consignments come to rescue you from all such misfortunes and can give you the satisfaction of being aware of the status of your shipment.

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Posta Romana Tracking

Dating back to 1862, Posta Romana is the only company that offers universal services to the people of Romania. It caters to all the postal services of the country that depends solely on them. With postal communication, they help in sending and receiving all the information, sending cash and even conveying orders to the whole nation.

Posta Romana Tracking

It is pertinent to say that Posta Romana tracking has all the services that anyone will need in Romania. Thus, knowing about it is of great importance because it will let you know about sending couriers at your ease. Additionally, a postal number is the only important number to be able to check the status of all your parcels. Moreover, you can track parcels with the parcels app from many countries such as China, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Malaysia. 

How to track Posta Romana parcels

Monitoring your parcels and shipments gives you the satisfaction of knowing its status. It is easy to monitor your courier packages transport and know their status. The status can be whether it is on the way or will reach the destination in a specific time. Thus, you can locate the parcel with a few simple steps that are as follow:

  1. First of all, you have to find a “search box” which is on the top of the computer screen on our website.
  2. After that, it will show an option that says “enter consignment number”. Thus, you will have to enter the parcel number in this box.
  3. Then, you will see a “track here” button next to the search box. After entering the parcel number, click on the “track here” button.
  4. Once you click on this button, it directs you to the official website that displays all the information of your parcel on the screen.
  5. Here you can go through this information to know whether your consignment is on the way or will reach its destination within a few days.

Note: A consignment or parcel number is mandatory for checking the online status of your parcel. In case you don’t have it with you, you can simply call on the helpline number and seek guidance regarding your parcel.

About Posta Romana tracking

Romania started this service to reach every corner of the sovereign state and extend their orders to the whole nation. Posta Romana deals with services like postage, parcels, sending money, trade, supplies, medical services and press services. Besides, it deals with all those things that can be provided through postage to the people.

From 1850, many postal stations became a part of the post offices in major cities of the country. By that time, there were only 30 routes and only one main office that paved way for the modern Romanian postal service. Furthermore, the company established itself under the ministry of finance which established the postal services allowing it to reach to every corner of the country.

Important Services by Romania Post

  • The foremost important service by Posta Romana tracking is the delivery of mail and parcels that can be sending within Romania. This provides easy solutions to people who want to send and receive parcels without any hesitation by the national postal service.
  • It also offers international delivery that gives the opportunity to send your parcels to foreign countries. Besides, the express delivery is another service that can be availed if you want a speedy shipment service for your parcels.
  • Another feature of this postal service is the logistic and consulting services that help people who want to avail such services for their business needs.
  • They also offer currency exchange and money sending services that are also an added feature to its services for the people of Romania.
  • Software development is another feat that this company has begun to provide services to the needs of the country.

Contact Information


Contact no: 021 93 93 (for calls from Romania)

Contact no: 021 93 93 111 (for calls from abroad)

Email: [email protected].


A government service that caters to all the postal needs of the country is a dream for many people. Posta Romana tracking is one such service that deals from the smallest courier shipments to the largest courier services. Thus, it is a great way for the people of Romania to send and receive their courier parcels with great reliability.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I track my Posta Romana parcel?

Almost all posta romana parcels are traceable through their parcel number which is a 13 digit special number. You just need to enter the 13 digit number and press the track button which will help you in tracking the parcel.

Does La Posta Romana ship internationally?

Yes, it provides services within the country as well as outside the country. It is a very old service provider therefore it has a great international shipping system. Thus, it gives great support in sending foreign couriers.

How long does Posta Romania take to ship?

The delivery time varies from parcel to parcel and the specific service. For instance, a domestic parcel only takes two day while a speedy delivery service takes a single day to reach the destination. On the other hand, international shipments usually take up to 5 or more days to reach their destinations.

Is Posta Romana Expensive?

The prices for posta romana aren’t very expensive in general. Moreover, it always depends on the services, the weight and the dimensions of the parcel for exact shipment rate.

How do I contact Posta Romana tracking?

You can contact them through three different sources like visiting the website, email or a direct helpline call. The [email protected]. Email address can help you in getting information regarding your parcels. Besides, if you need urgent help, you can call them on the following numbers 021 93 93 (for calls from Romania) or 021 93 93 111 (for calls from abroad).