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Life has turned easy since sefl tracking has become part of our lives.  As old as you may think, 70 years of contribution in the services of transportation. If we trace our history back to 1950, you will see that from day one till today, the first ever delivery of Sefl had the same goal as of now. Starting the journey with a single driver and very few almost rare transportation requests, southeastern freight tracking has established itself widespread today.

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The foremost priority of south eastern is fulfilling the needs of its customers. The idea is not only meeting the expectations but rather exceeding them. Why so? Because the company believes in providing quality without question.  

As a matter of fact, considering the ever growing number of transportation systems, we the institution are grateful to our clients for their trust in us and preferring us although having a large number of choices. 

Awards do not come just like that. In the first place, you have to work hard to earn them. Consequently, the number of awards collected by southeastern tracking through the span of over seven decades is the evidence of customers’ contentment. It is great honor indeed to be recognized by the most reputable companies in the country of USA. Such an achievement would have never been possible without the associates of the agency.   

To summarize, the number of service-men expands over 8000. We are professional, devout and above all collective one as a team. We take immense pleasure in service of the people and show excellence in their job.    

Sefl Tracking

In brief, Southeastern has collaborations’ with the local carriers. Keeping in view the transportation needs and the fast life today, sefl has full time internet connectivity with shipment. Let’s get down to the details.  

Quality Maintenance Processes

It is a long walk through the process of maintaining quality. However, from 1985 to 1992, a span of around seven years consistent struggle, southeastern freight lines tracking made it to the cite visit of Malcolm Baldrige National Quality award. Southeastern transportation was among the only 5 service companies to have such an achievement. 

Furthermore, the organization then felt the need of process integration control all over the company. Thus, 1992 was the year when southeastern freight line realized the abstract. The commitment to itself was made to ensure training provision to all the associates of southern freight lines. 

Similarly, now it is compulsory for everyone involved with sefl to be part of the training, be it the hourly associates or the permanent members. The establishment make sure the learning process of quality improvement with a focus on basic tools.   

Following are the fundamental statistical process control (SPC) tools:           


First of all, we make a chart of the necessary steps that needs to be taken. Things which do not add value are removed here.


Everyone quickly brainstorms in order to come up with better ideas of improvement.

Fishbone Diagrams

Here the ideas are arranged into proper constituents of a process.

Pareto Charts

The identification for attention in time & energy is recognized.

Scatter Plots

All measures are keenly taken & an analysis of comparison among the processes is done.     


The differences & variations are seen through histograms.

Control Charts

In order to see the performance level and check for improvement areas we need control charts. These charts also help in recognizing for future participators. 

All these processes are done systematically on the basis of facts & figures obtained from the collected data.  It is not like the corporation takes peoples’ opinions and formulate processes. 


Sefl Courier Services: 

SEFL- Southeastern Freight Lines offers a range of services within the area of Puerto Rico, Canada, Mexico, U.S Virgin Islands, thirteen states in southeast & about 37 states in the surrounding. It is a private company and delivers within 24 hours. All this is part of regional LTL service.   

Special Services

There are certain varieties within this package deal.   

  1. Assembly services: Collecting shipments from different retailers and putting them all together in one truck comes under this southeastern trucking service.   
  2. Distribution: For those dealing in distribution customers, sefl tracking receive all the quantities in a centred located office. The next day, shipments reach the prescribed customers.   
  3. Carpet: Georgia & Dalton are the main places of floor covering manufactures. Whereas, Freight lines have a tremendous experience in carpet products transportation. We are well equipped for the service.    
  4. Truckloads: The first option in the package is getting quotations for unbalanced areas. But, in case you are interested in knowing about all states rates, you can get that too. The enterprise is glad having partnered with e-shipping Exchange. Hence, making it easy to deliver the services in convenience & on time.

International Services

The company has its own terms & conditions for each of the below state mentioned with details.

  1. Canada: Now, international customers can enjoy the services of southern eastern freight lines by their door steps. Southeastern makes it possible for the residents of Canada to ship between U.S and itself.
  2. Mexico: There are 2 kinds of packages for Mexico.  
  1. Domestic: This is kind of a delivery through third party. The shipment hands it over to the dealer. He further delivers it to Mexico.
  2. Door step: This is direct home reaching service from pick up till delivery. 
  • However, the services are not restricted to these states only. 

Guaranteed Services: 

This might come as a surprise to you but in fact, it is only sefl that comes up with it. Wondering what it could be? Setting the trends and taking a lead, se freight bring money back guarantee with all sorts of delivery timings. Let’s dive deep into the details. 

Day Guarantee

Usually days close off at 5pm evening. That is the exact time of our delivery shipment for a normal working day. Remember, it is not as simple as a direct delivery. You need to inform the shipper man so that a special sticker is stamped on the courier. A straight charges of 40$ is the fee for the transit.   

Noon Guarantee

As the name indicates, this type of delivery will reach by 12pm. This is a regular service for some areas. While for others you need to check availability of service before the transit.   

First, approve zip code for assurance. Also don’t forget the stamp of the package. The standard price is 75$ for the parcel. 

Time Guarantee

Whatever time you need the delivery. Contact the concerns, record the time of receivables with the office man precisely. The comrades will contact you back within twenty minutes with charges details. Once you confirm the particulars, things will be scheduled accordingly.     

Hot Shot Guarantee

This is special of the special service. Because, it delivers the assigned carriage a day before according to the requirement.   

Exclusions and exceptions

Although there is guarantee for almost everything, yet there are things not under our control. For instance, storms, earthquakes, a sudden extreme change in climate or things that are acts of God. In such case, delays may occur. However, the company tries its best to ensure the delivery as soon as possible.

Keeping such things in view, southeast freight lines has bonded with eShipping Exchange for an alternative solution. This includes all types of couriers and transportations. That can be a parcel, a full loaded truck, domestic or international, both air & land facilities are available.      

Likewise, there are situations we cannot do much about. Similarly, there are exceptions that do not come under the umbrella of guarantee. Off course, with reasons and delicacies involved, the camaraderie regrets that it has to provide a list of exceptions.  

Guaranteed Services 

If a parcel is coming from a destination which is not a direct point, southeasten do not guarantee for it. The region of Puerto Rico is not covered in the guarantee offer. Parcels of heavy weight, tall sizes, custom involved material is also denied the offer. Further, a parcel needing to be received from a home, airport is also excluded.    

Anything that appears to be unconventional, first talk to the office man. Tell your shipment details and inquire about the inclusion. That is the most safe and proper way to do it. Instead, being denied the offer at the spot, you may get upset or worried for the time or guarantee offer you may be thinking of availing, it is better to be on safe guard and inquire all in the first place.                 

Some other services

The list of aids ministrations is unlimited at sefl. Customers’ satisfaction is the foremost priority and henceforth the company entails a system of balancing among all the needs from minor domestic ones to big truck loads. 

Insurance Provision

Southeast freight is aware of the burden of big business and the baggage that comes with it. If you are shipping goods worth more than 250,000$ and is worried about it. Stop worrying now, sefl freight tracking is at your service. Take out the calculator, count the worth of your consignment. Then, fill up the form of insurance at south eastern freight and secure your shipment.                                                              

Logistics Solution

It is said, where there is a will, there is a way. It stays true with sefl and with it’s collaborates. With the help of eShipping exchange, sotheastern provides solutions to all kinds of recurring tensions anyone will carry for a safe & quick parcel delivery and goods transportation.

Final Mile

There are even smaller parcels like for homes, freestanding stalls & stores, smaller scale retailers. Southeastern’s smallest fleet that is freight lines trucking delivers it all for you.   

Features of Final Mile

Some of the striking characteristic features of this fleet system are:

  • You can track down your courier live.
  • If you sign up with the website, you get auto updates.
  • Ecommerce shippers also benefit from this. For example, taking quotes, pickup requests etc.
  • Using email addresses & phone numbers, provide links to customers for staying connected.
  • Driver mobile is probably the best of the features for it allows a space to have your parcel receive without being physically present on location. The driver takes a photo as an evidence for delivery confirmation. 


Since the spirit of the age is such that technology plays a very active role in everything we do, domestically, socially or on a business level. Therefore, it is quite obvious that how come southern freight lines tracking will stay back? Following are the technology sources of the house. 

Advanced Shipment Processing

Stay home and see where does your parcel lie? No destination is uncatchable due to the use of pro label with bar codes.  

My Sefl Secure Website

In order to do business with sefl freights and keep an electronic record, just register through the website and secure your details.  

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

Integration of Transport Management System is now an easy activity with sefl EDI.

Web Connect

Customers can easily transfer consignment information from freightlines website to their web page. 

Mobile Website

Cell phone users like to reach it all through phones. Southerneastern solves the problem as well. Access sefl websites in all details yet precisely with south estern mobile website service.

Shipping Tools

To conclude, tracing, the retrieval of documents or any other parcel, routes, rates, quotations, bills, invoices, receipts, calculations even pick & drop requests all are available under this title. Any kind of information you need, just visit the website and follow the link for details.    

Resources: Below is a list of sefl resources.                                                                                                                                                    

  • The first occurring resource is Rules & Services Tariff.
  • Get a weekly update on southern fuel surcharge.
  • A whole year schedule for holidays is already uploaded for saving from any inconvenience.  


(803)794-8131 SALES FAX
(803)739-1540 CLAIMS FAX
Time Zone: Eastern


(205)853-6855 FAX
(205)854-6201 Dispatch
Time Zone: Central


(479)471-3005 FAX
Time Zone: Central


(954)786-3417 FAX
Time Zone: Eastern


ALBANY, GA 31707
(229)432-6429 FAX
Time Zone: Eastern


BUILDING 7 LOT # 11 & 12
(787)774-1115 FAX
Time Zone: Eastern


(325)672-5242 FAX
Time Zone: Central


(828)681-2950 FAX
Time Zone: Eastern


(540)288-3725 FAX
Time Zone: Eastern

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. Where is my Freight?

Visit our website that is, on the left side corner of the home page, in the pro number box, type southeastern freight tracking number you got and get trace of all the details you want. In case, you find that difficult, simply reach out the customer service centre via contact number 800 637-7335 and ask for help. They will do it all for you.     

Q2. I know my freight will deliver today — do you know when?

In order to get the exact time of delivery, first your shipment must be updated as ‘out for delivery’. Once, the status is upgraded on the website then you can follow up the parcel & estimate delivery time with a 2 hour window using sefl tracing.  

Q3. How fast will my freight deliver if i give it to you?

In preparation for sending a parcel and want to know how fast will it deliver. First things first, do your calculations Routing Guide through website and get your answer.   

Q4. What will it cost?

On a condition that you are registered with southeastern transport, you can receive quotation using web.   

Q5. My freight is late, who should i call for help?

In such cases, call our support centre for assistance. 

Q6. My freight is lost or broken, can you help me?

Using the sefl login, register claim and secure your position for getting back pay for the damage done.

Q7. Is there any such thing like southeastern jobs?

Certainly, yes. There are numerous southeastern careers opportunity for all those who have the potential and interest to work with freight lines.

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