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Pakistan post is one of the leading courier governmental organizations all across the state. The company provides the best track, trace, delivery and information sending services with highest speed. They provide national and international services to its customers with responsibility and faith. Slowly and gradually they are improving the quality and making themselves in accordance with the latest technology for better services to its clients.

Pakistan post tracking is serving everyone, everywhere and any time. Hence it is one of the oldest department of the government in subcontinent and in 1962 it was attached to ministry of communications. There were 3036 branches in 1947 whereas now we have 13419 post offices to ease the public. They also have biggest team of 49502 employees who work day and night to provide banking, insurance and many vital services.

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Further they have general post offices that are 76 in number with 48 district mail offices and exchange offices are 3. Islamabad and Lahore are the central offices where all the information, services and facilities are provided to everyone.

Post Tracking 

Pakistan post tracking has also introduced tracking system like all other companies:

  • Open the website
  • Look at top right side of the website
  • Insert tracking id in the box
  • Click track 
  • The related information will appear right there.
  • International tracking option is also available

Services by Pakistan Post 

Pakistan post provides tremendous services to all humans and they are so wide that cover all the important needs of its customers. The services are:

Urgent Mail Service

Here is the fast and efficient service known as urgent mail service. Thus delivery done under such service reaches its destination in one night or two days and has wide network with computerized tracking system.

Moreover the contents which cannot be send by UMS are coins, precious stones, currency notes, gold and silver bullions, precious stones, coins, flammable liquids and all those items that prices exceeds 2000 rupees.  Hence the weight limit of UMS is 30 kg and the size shall not exceed 1.5 meters.

Express Mail Service 

Express mail service is one of the fine services by Pakistan post that offers delivery from home locations to 104 states of the world. Thus the maximum weight of the item shall not surpass 30 kg and every type of document, parcels and packets is send via EMS.

Further it is the only solution for prompt and economical service, the booking facility is also available even in late hours and things are directly dispatched to other countries. Besides pick up facility is also available for registered clients and tracking facility is also there.

Fax Mail Service

Another outstanding services offered by Pakistan post is FMS through which a customer can communicate rapidly over distant and short places. Hence documents send by such service should not be bigger than A4. Further the rate for sending fax all over Pakistan is 35 rupees and from Rawalpindi to Islamabad or opposite is only 20 rupees.


Cash on Delivery Service

One of the most prominent services is known as COD i-e cash on delivery service. Online selling and buying is also included under such service because online shopping has become more and more popular in such electronic era. Further we have 226 locations for COD which is linked with urgent mail service network. 

Same Day Delivery Service in Islamabad and Rawalpindi

Above all Pakistan post has introduced latest service for twin cities of Pakistan to deliver items on the booking day. Thus urgent articles can be immediately transferred to its destination and up to 20 kg can be booked by it not more than that.

Further only 5kg item can be delivered at doorsteps to Islamabad and Rawalpindi obviously. Besides the service is available in specific locations of twin cities and all the information regarding delivery service will be communicated through SMS. 

Fax Money Order

Keeping in view about the current trends of 21st century there is an awesome service known as FMO. Sending money is not a big deal now because we have fax money order service where a person can send money up to 50’000 rupees. Moreover the fax money order is only accepted in whole Rs only.

Obviously if the amount of money increases twenty thousand then the employee of the company will hand it over to the receiver at his or her doorstep. That is amazing!

Urgent Money Order

This is another service by which prompt delivery of money is made to the receiver at his door step without any fear. Absolutely this is an efficient and express service for financial transactions and is dispatched by urgent mail service. Maximum 20,000 rupees can be sent by single urgent money order.

Electronic Money Order

Finally the most efficient and swift way to transfer money from one post office to another post office is electronic money order. Undoubtedly the Riposte system is affordable, safe and fast for transferring money across Pakistan among 83 grand post offices. Further there are two types of EMO: one is post to post and another is post to doorstep.

Indeed booking of EMO will be done at the counters, direct transmission of money order is done by Riposte system and it is safer because GPO gives you unique identifier of transaction plus SMS services is also there to inform the customer about transactions. 

Customer Care Centers 

Customer Care Centers 

  1. Lahore 

Tel: 042 99210220

Fax: o42 99211323

Email: [email protected]

           [email protected] 

  1. Karachi

Tel: 021 99250129

Fax: 021 99250108

Email: [email protected] 

  1. Hyderabad 

Tel: 022 9200442

Fax: 022 9200438

Email: [email protected]

  1. Multan 

Tel: 061 9200370

Fax: 061 9200372

Email: [email protected]

  1. Rawalpindi

      Tel: 051 9271554

      Fax: 051 9270049

      Email: [email protected]

                 [email protected] 

  1. Islamabad 

Tel: 051 9261583

Fax: 051 9261922

Email: [email protected]

  1. Quetta 

Tel: 081 2441207

Fax: 081 9211521

Email: [email protected] 

  1. Peshawar 

Tel: 091 99213375

       091 9213388

Fax: 091 9210232

        091 9213381

Email: [email protected]

           [email protected]

  1. Muzaffarabad

Tel: 05822 921301

Fax: 05822 921033

Email: [email protected]

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1. How can I avail window delivery service?

Such kind of service is available for the areas where there is no post box. Thus the addressee can go to the post office during working hours and can receive his letter or item free of cost from the window. However, addressee has to request in written form to avail such facility.

Q2. What happens to an undeliverable article?

The articles which do not have complete or eligible address is handed over to Returned Letter Office. Where the address is corrected or kept there for 7 days before it is send to the sender.

Q3. What is prohibited to be transmitted by the post?

All the items that are not permitted by the government cannot be sent by the post. Moreover lithograph, indecent printing or photograph, obscene painting, engraving, explosives, dangerous substances and inflammables are forbidden to be transacted by Pakistan post. 

Q4. What is Universal Postal Union?

Most of the countries have made a union known as Universal Postal Union to share and regulate all the postal services among them.

Q5. Can I send articles of value in ordinary letter?

No, you cannot send articles of values in ordinary letter. Hence it can only be sent by inland post insured. You can send it by foreign insured parcel post or only in letters that are registered.