Fastrack Courier Tracking | Fast track Delivery Status Online Tracking

In 21st century it is very difficult much difficult to find any reliable courier services but for first time in Philippines fastrack courier tracking is facilitating its customers with reliable and low cost courier services. Indeed they highly understand the importance of items that are transported because they do not only send but deliver.

The main aim of the company is to provide quick, fast and top class facilities to everyone. Hence they are committed to satisfy all its clients with safe delivery of parcels that is what makes fastrack courier different from rest of the companies.

Fastrack is the ideal platform for all those special clients who handle small and medium businesses. The team of highly qualified professionals are dedicated to provide best ways to deliver packages with in inexpensive and highly economical rates.

Fastrack Courier Tracking

The company provides cozy environment to everyone with making delivery services very effortless thus making handy and pleasant for clients. Fastrack courier definitely meets the demands of customers and provides timely services each time.

Fastrack Tracking

Hence you can track you courier by:

  • Open the official website of fastrack courier
  • There will be option “TRACKING
  • Click it
  • In the  box under “FAST-TRACKER”
  • Enter waybill number
  • Press search
  • All the information will be right there at your screen

Services by Fastrack

Following services are provides by fastrack courier services:

3 Easy Steps 

If you want to send parcel by the company then you have to follow 3 easy steps and your parcel will be delivered as soon as possible. The first step is that you have to register yourself and create an account there. Then in second step you need to schedule or tell them time to pick parcel from you. Finally in the third or last step pickup will arrive at the door and your request will be accomplished.

Heavy Shipment but Tiny Cost

Hence for last seven years fastrack courier is facilitating its customers with affordable prices. No matter how much heavier the parcel is the price is always low and economical so that all can take advantage from the offers. That is why even if the shipment is bulky or heavy still the prices will be low and within reach of all clients.

Swift Services

The company provides swift and fast services to maximum destinations in Philippines and they try their level best to ensure quick deliveries from pickup point to final destination. Moreover the delivery service is reliable and safe there is no fear of damage or loss. As trust of its worthy customers is its number one priority so whatever things you transfer via this so it is a guarantee that nothing will be lost or damaged.

Dedicated Team

One of the main reason for the success of the company is that the employees working in it are dedicated and highly professionals. They are striving hard to create friendly and trustworthy environment for all clients so that they are feeling homelike and face no issues.

Logistics Needs

Fastrack offers logistics services as well hence all the clients and businessmen can contact the company to take advantage from this service. Further the warehouses and places for keeping and transporting shipments are secure and safe. While delivering the items no damage will be done to it and all the deliveries are timely. Indeed satisfaction and happiness of clients is very important for fastrack courier.

Contact Information

Address: 07 RL Fernandez San Juan, Kalakhang Maynila-Philippines

For inquiries: 0234857777, 0289977000

Email: [email protected]

Cut off time: 12 pm for office, 2 pm for residential

For pickups: Monday-Saturday (8am to 5pm)

SMS No: +639531264074

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Do you ship outside Metro Malina?

Yes the company also ship outside Metro Malina so in order to check the areas visit the website.

Q2. Do you do international shipping?

No, till date fastrack courier do not offer international shipping, in future it may offer.

Q3. Where do I get my pouch?

The transport representatives will provide you with manual way bills and pouch on scheduled pickup day.

Q4.Do you charge a fee for pickup?

No the company do not charge for pickup as it is for free.

Q5. What do you mean by own packaging?

Any packaging that is send by the sender is known as own packaging.