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In order to track your parcel, our website is the best place to try lasership tracking and get to know about it. With just a few clicks and a consignment number, you can track lasership couriers easily. Moreover, it is so simple and easy that anyone with a vague use of internet can track their parcels without any problems.

Whenever you try to locate a package through lasership tracking, you will find it very beneficial. The reason behind this tracking facility is the consumer satisfactory services of the company. Besides, you can avail many shipment features from over 600 courier companies that are linked with lasership courier services.   

Lasership Tracking

It is a shipping company that offers delivery services along lasership tracking throughout Midwest and Eastern USA. The aim of the company was to provide last-mile carrier tracking delivery services to consumers so that people could send their parcels without any hesitation. Once you dispatch a package, you can easily track it live and get to know about the status from the comfort of your room.

Hulistic offers parcel tracking for lasership couriers along many other courier services. It just needs a package number or tracking number that you can use for tracking your parcel. Whenever you send a parcel through lasership, they always assign a tracking number to it which includes all the important information of the parcel. Thus, it will help you in knowing everything about your parcel. 

Steps on how to do lasership tracking

Lasership tracking just takes a few steps to know about the status of your orders or packages by lasership courier services. Following are the steps that will let you know about the delivery status of your parcels and monitor it at your ease.

  • The first step is to look for a search box that says “enter tracking number” on the top of your computer screen.
  • Once you find it then enter the tracking number in the search box and click on “track here button”. This button is next to the search box.
  • After you click on the track here button, the system will directly take you to the website where it will display all the information regarding your parcel.

Note: The parcel number is mandatory for tracking your parcel. Moreover, you will need an active internet connection and any device that can help in google search. Thus, you can search it anytime and anywhere without any tension.

Delivery Status of lasership

Whenever you try to check the delivery status of lasership courier packages, you will get many updates. Moreover, you will find a number of statuses that will have different meanings regarding the delivery of your parcel. These shipment statuses will give you precise information on what is happening with your parcel at that time. 

Ship Request Received

It is the status when you leave a package and the service provider appeals for sending it to the computer. Then, this tag is attached to it which lets you know that the appeal for sending the parcel is approved.

Origin Scan

When the address of the sender is read in order to start the shipment process then this origin scan status appears on the parcel.

Shipment Label Created

The company issues a specific label to every parcel in order to distinguish it at loading and unloading times.

In Transit

This status means that your parcel is on the way to its destination.

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Arrived at Facility 

This status means that the item has reached the facility and will now be ready for delivery to its destination.

Departed from Facility

This status tells you that the shipment is taken out from the facility by the delivery boy and may reach anytime soon. 

Loaded onto Vehicle

It tells you that the parcel is loaded onto the vehicle that will carry your package to the delivery point.

Out for Delivery

This means that the parcel is out for delivery from the facility. And, the recipient may soon be able to receive it at the delivery location.


Once the package is delivered at the location then this status will appear that will reassure you regarding the delivery status.


This status means that the receiver has received the package at the given package.


Such a delivery status means that the company tried to deliver it but the item is not delivered yet.

Returned to Sender

For any unfavorable reasons, he parcel is returned back to the sender who may choose to resend it or keep it with them. 

About lasership

About lasership

Lasership is a package delivery company that was founded in 1986 in Vienna, Virginia, USA. It provides delivery services many states and spreads over 4 stations and more than 65 facility centers. Starting as a document delivery service, they became a big company by adding small parcel delivery and same day delivery services in New York.

Adding to this, the company added last minute delivery to its list of services with adding many other states. Thus, it gave a boost to their services and the consumer market grew up to 8.5 million for Lasership Company. The major services include features that add to their value and customer satisfaction.

Residential E-Commerce

This service is especially for e-commerce companies allowing them to deliver products faster and cheaper. It includes many custom offers which allows the companies to choose from many delivery services. For instance, they can choose same day delivery or many other days depending on the requirements of the company. 

Custom Routed Courier

The custom routed service provides alternate solutions to meet the requirements of individual customers. Likewise, they are providing services through short routes to deliver shipments at the destinations with dedication. Thus, you can boost your business with the help of this delivery service and add value to your company. 

Global Critical Delivery

It is another major feat in the list if services that lasership offers to its customers. Truly, this service is best for those who want to send their time-sensitive critical shipments because it offers great safety. Moreover, it meets the deadlines efficiently thus making you proud of it as a delivery service and saves you time. 


Providing a satisfactory result to those who choose us for lasership tracking is our ultimate goal. You can choose many service providers but we will let you track your parcels anywhere without any verification. So if you have a domestic or international shipment, you can track them with the same ease. After all, we provide hassle free tracking services to add value to your USA post tracks.

Contact details

You can contact lasership by calling on the prestige customer service number or sending an email to the following address.

Customer Service Number: (804)-414-2590

Email: [email protected]

Frequently Asked Questions

Is LaserShip tracking accurate?

It is a great US tracking service from lasership shipping company. Besides, always try it yourself so that you find whether it is accurate or not.

What time LaserShip deliver?

Lasership delivers packages from Monday to Friday between 8 a.m. and 9 p.m. to residential addresses. On the other hand, they deliver to offices until 5 p.m.

How do I track my LaserShip package?

You can simply track your package by entering the tracking number of the package and clicking on the track button. As a result, it will display you the delivery status at the spot.

What do LaserShip tracking numbers look like?

The tracking number of lasership consists of two alphabets and eight numbers thus making it a ten digit alphanumeric number.

How does Lasership delivery work?

It works on the principle of delivering fast and efficient delivery service. Additionally, it provides customer satisfaction through many features like tracking and cost effective deliveries.

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