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PBT Express Freight Network is your soul mate dear customers and especially for New Zealanders. The company provides express courier and freight services all over  New Zealand. Safety and security of all the deliveries is of paramount importance for the company because trust of the clients comes first. Hence they know that each and every item sent by any customer is of supreme importance for the customer so same is for pbt as well.

Bill Barker formed Peter Barker Transport now known as PBT express freight network. He took a start by purchasing truck named 64 Bedford and made the pbt by his commitment and hard work. Thus slowly and gradually peter built a wide network across New Zealand.

In 1994 he established pbt couriers, then in 1995 introduced pbt bulk and pbt logistics was inaugurated in the year 2005. Finally in 2005 group was formed named as pbt group that brought all the business under single banner. Pbt group was sold in 2017 and in 2019 the brand was renamed as PBT express freight network.

Moreover the company has more than 45 years of experience with over 800 dedicated team mates and 21 branches in the state. Hence their branches, excellent fleet and dedicated workers are the secret of their success. The top leadership of the company is the proof of their success and has strong communication means. They work for public and humanity that is why they are best.

PBT Tracking

PBT Tracking System 

The tracking system by pbt is very easy and advance. Hence in order to know the location of your delivery, just open the official website. There will be heading “track all your pbt parcels simple and easy”, below it enter your tracking ID and click arrow. Location will be there right in front of you.

Core Values of PBT

Every customer oriented company has its aims, values and targets, same is with pbt as well:

  • Security and safety of all the items entrusted upon them by honourable clients
  • Entire focus is on customers because they are working for the ease of public not for themselves. So the company wants each and every customer to be satisfied and satiated by every means.
  • The company believes in teamwork and work together as well for the success of company. Because they are aware of the idiom that “unity is strength”.
  • Advanced communication system is the top secret of success for any freight company. That is the reason what well equipped communication system is the most important core value of the company.
  • All the employees of any business company has firm faith in leadership so he is like a beacon for them same with pbt. They put greatest emphasis on strong leadership so that the team is adhere to the center and follow the same lines set up by the zealous leaders for better results.

Some Facts about PBT Express Freight Network

The company is providing outstanding services since its evolution and is working hard to improve it further. Innovations and new technological advancement is its prior target. Below is detail about the services and facts about pbt.

Quick & Capable Transport Vehicles 

Most importantly the company has quick transport system with high capacity and capability. They have metro truck for delivery and pickup that are more than 200 in number with line haul network. Most efficient 75 vehicles are included and has shipment option by sea that connects 22 branches. Further they have direct connection and control of you freight from start till the end of the delivery. Moreover clients are also given the facility to monitor their shipment with advances options of technology.

PBT Courier Service

Pbt express freight network has more than 250 courier centers that are being operated by 20 branches. Similarly the company also retains the direct control of all the couriers from start till the end. Besides customers are also allotted permission to remain in touch with their couriers whenever they want. They cover all the addresses of New Zealand daily and there are innumerable ways to contact the pbt courier service.

Shipment via Air 

Now the team is able to make international shipment services by air. Because all the employees have specialized knowledge and immense experience supported by world famous systems and processes. 

Shipment by Ocean

Clearly there are certain routes which cannot be followed up by land transport so for that purpose the company has established service by ocean. There is an awesome network of transport in ocean so that it is convenient for everyone. But the transport network of oceans shall not be taken for granted because it is technologically advanced and highly equipped with modern system.

Advanced Containers

Nationwide and local transportation throughout New Zealand is done by fcl containers that is perfectly satisfactory for all the importers and exporters. Besides fleet is equipped with skeletal vehicles and are swing lifts which are best suited for rail and coastal services. Pbt handles more than 50000 containers each year and customers are also empowered to access the movement of the fleet.

Logistics Support

Pbt is the most demanded place for logistics services and the points are key points for distributions that is the main reason that people approach this company. This service is available at Auckland, Christchurch and wellington and is direct in connection with distribution web. 

Offers Career Opportunities 

Surprisingly pbt offers career opportunities to charismatic, energetic and hardworking people. The employees are the greatest strength of the respective company and many people are invited to join the crew. So they work together for the accomplishment of the main task that is to serve public.


Phone 0800 367 728
Email  [email protected]
Accounts ProblemsIf there are any queries regarding accounts please contact on: [email protected]
Queries about E-ServicesFor all problems and queries related to electronic services contact the team by: [email protected]
Ticket Enquiries For ticket enquiries contact: [email protected]
Customer ServicesFor customer services sent queries on: [email protected]

Locations of PBT

  1. Whangarel
  2. Auckland
  3. Hamilton
  4. Tauranga
  5. Rotorua
  6. Gisborne
  7. New Plymouth
  8. Napier
  9. Palmerston North
  10. Wellington 
  11. Nelason 
  12. Blenheim
  13. Greymouth
  14. Christchurch
  15. Timaru
  16. Cromwell
  17. Dunedin
  18. Invercargill

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Does pbt express freight network only provide freight services?

Not at all pbt express freight network provides many services like courier services, fright pallets and truckloads.

Q2. How can I apply for job in the company?

Surprisingly applying for job in pbt is very easy as it provides multiple opportunities for their employees. You just have to send your CV with brief paragraph about the position you are looking for on the email address: [email protected]

Q3. Does pbt express freight network provide tracking service?

Definitely pbt express freight network provides tracking service by just entering ticket number, reference number or note number.

Q4. Are there any warehouses owned by the company?

Yes there are many warehouse owned by the company.

Q5. In which year pbt was established?

Pbt was established in 1972 by Perter Baker.

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