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Talking Angela is essentially a simple, funny version of My Angela that answers the users’ questions. It includes beautiful music, dance, and voices just like the sequel. The game lets you give Angela a beautiful makeover that will brighten her day. Unlike other pet games, it fosters a love for everyone in the family.

You will enjoy playing this game with Angela as she repeats your every word back to you in a funny way. She repeats your words and sentences in an amusing voice the moment you say them. The fact that she has such a beautiful wardrobe makes it easy to make her look good. This will let you and your kids have fun with all the comic timings, adding a touch of comedy to your life.

With an easy-to-use app and game that can be enjoyed by people of all ages, Angela is a real treat to play. Among her many games, you can play exciting minigames that will entertain you endlessly. Hence, the game is suitable for anyone seeking some great leisure time and wants to satisfy their fashion sense. Try to make friends with Angela and speak with her to make you happy.


Angela’s talking is fun

There is an app called Angela that makes fun of your dialogue and repeats it in a funny voice so that it is more entertaining. Regardless of the language barrier, you can say anything to her and she can repeat it. Her voice can make you laugh and make your day with her antics. Furthermore, she has no age restriction, so the only thing she wants is to make everyone laugh.

In addition, Angela can also record your voice and give you funny clips. As long as you choose the recording option, you can record what Angela says. To have fun at home, record your voice and make funny clips. As a matter of fact, Angela also enjoys making comic scenes and sharing them with everyone.

Those who know Angela know that she enjoys donning make-up, dressing up beautifully, and having a good time. Then, treat her to a beautiful makeover, new hairstyles, makeup, and different shoes, all while letting her have her moment. By doing so, you’ll gain more points and be rewarded with more rewards for Angela’s wardrobe.

Free download my Angela

Free download my Angela

The free version will keep you hooked on Angela if you wish to enjoy her seamlessly. With her beautiful styles, her array of accessories and her small missions to fulfill, she is everything a lady could wish for. In addition, the app has numerous mini games to keep your interest unless you get a little bored with styling her.

Angela is a free game that does not require any money to install and play. You can, however, add extra features by purchasing in-app purchases. The cost of these services is negligible, and they won’t hurt your wallet at all. Furthermore, they can personalize Angela to make her even more of a star.

My Angela: How to download it

  • The first thing you need to do is locate the download button.
  • To begin the download, click on the button and select ‘ok’.
  • Open the installation file after downloading the game and install it.
  • You’re done! Enjoy playing your free games and have endless fun with Angela.
Exciting features of my talking Angela

Exciting features of my talking Angela

The Diva routine

Angela is a lot more than a voice repetition game. Not only does she repeat what you say, but she also offers many other suggestions. As an example, she has a morning and night routine so you can use that to prepare her for events. Make her feel special by taking a bath or decorating her home and feeding her delicious food to fill her tummy.

Fun little games for you

Many of Angela’s in-app games provide little sips of refreshment to her fans. Therefore, you can easily switch between the mini games if you feel a little bored styling her. Playing these games helps children develop their motor skills and reflexes. As a bonus, the stickers and rewards you can get for Angela will make her wardrobe a paradise.

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Gorgeous wardrobe options

Choosing unique and beautiful outfits is some of Angela’s favorite things to do, so make her happy by picking them up. She loves new fashion items and enjoys being made over to stay in style. In addition, she likes to make a diva statement in the city by dancing and singing so it would be a waste to waste her talent.

File Information of My Angela

Size: 118.41MB
Updated:jan1, 2023
Requirements:Android 4.0.3 or higher
Get it on:Play store-mobile, PC, Online
Offered by:outfit7

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Conclusion-Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Angela’s funny antics, smiles, and mimicry are sure to brighten everyone’s day. Create your own comic clips and new looks so you can have a fun time at any time. This is what Angela enjoys as well, and you can share this fun with her and make her a superstar in the process.

Download the free Angela app right now to find out more about her and to satisfy your youthful self. Your device’s microphone lets her listen in on all your dialogue. She is absolutely gorgeous. Her response will be to repeat after you and then make you laugh riotously with her.

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