Outriders | The latest action pack game of 2023

Outriders | The latest action pack game of 2023

Outriders is a savage action game that consists of the outriders which is a type of mindless species. They include species that are willing to obey Thanos and Black Order to fight for you. These species used to fight for these lords in the battle of Wakanda and Battle of Earth. It is a game that gives you all the intense action pack experience that one can ask for in a game.

It is a 1 to 3 player mission game which is a co-op RPG shooter game that is set in a dark and sci-fi universe. The game starts with the bleeding of mankind in the trenches of Enoch therefore you will need to get out of it. For this purpose, the player has to create their own outriders and begin a journey to get out of the hostile planet.

The game moves ahead with a rich story spanning through a diverse world starting from slums to different scenarios. Players will need to move forward from shanty towns to cities and many diverse regions. They have to cross forests, mountains and many difficult terrains in pursuit of a mysterious signal. 


Watch the demo for outriders

If you are not sure about diving into the game directly then the demo version is right there. You can play the outriders demo game and step into the savage RPG shooter game for once. So, it is a total win for all those who want to have a taste of the shooter fun game. It has all the four classes of shooter games available to try out your shooting experience.

All the players include the first four brutal abilities from each class thus you have a lot to defeat enemies. For instance, the players can assassinate enemies as the trickster, incinerate them like the pyromancer. Likewise, they can punish them as close as the devastator or even shoot them at a range just like technomancer.

The game can be a single player mission or you can opt for making a squad of up to 2 friends to experience the ultimate prologue and opening of outriders. An only requirement for the demo version is to register a free Enix Members account. Besides, it needs a persistent internet connection and may ask for a small subscription fee. 

Features of the Outriders game

Outriders offer a unique experience that combines intense gunplay and violent powers to move out of the bloody trenches. With twisted weaponry and countless gear sets, it will surely provide you with countless hours of gameplay. Now that you are already aware of the gameplay, let us tell you some interesting features of it as well. 

Intensity of the shooting

The brutal and intense combat of the game combines violent gunplay and powers. Moreover, there is a strong RPG system that creates a combination of bloody scenario to make it unique.

Features of  the Outriders game

Mysterious journey

To reach a mysterious signal during the combat, the players go through a number of hostile environments. Thus, you can discover the planet of Enoch while battling through the dark forces.

Dynamic gameplay

The game is quite dynamic in nature as you can play it as a single player or join up to two friends. You can play as drop-in drop-out co-op players to battle out the horrors of the planet. Furthermore, the players can switch between the modes easily.

Four unique classes

The game offers to create your own scavenger thus allowing you to take unique abilities from four different classes. These classes offer special skills and techniques to define your playstyle.

Scavenge & adapt

Search for food or prey as you move ahead with different gears and guns while leaving humanity behind you. The best part is that you can customize and upgrade your outrider with many guns and gears.

File Information of Outriders:

Size: 31MB
Updated:jan1, 2023
Requirements:Android phone
Get it on:Play store-mobile, PC, Online
Offered by:Tech 3D Games Studios

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Conclusion-Final Thoughts

The developers of Outriders define the game as an aggressive and intense action game with bloody scenes. As the bloodiness is the core of the Enoch planet therefore the game is dark, intense and desperate. Similarly, the characters also adapt to the viscous environment of the planet thus making it a graphic and adult theme game.  

So if you are someone who finds this distressing and cannot take up such graphic scenarios then it is recommended to avoid this game. Besides, children below the age of 16 are recommended not to dive into such a game.

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