Talking Angela

Talking Angela | Latest beauty variations in outfit & voice 

The game of talking Angela requires children to say things out loud while playing with the character and angela will repeat whatever they said. Talking angela eyes are beautiful. It doesn’t matter if you’re in your room, outside or even onboarding with this pretty little gal- she’ll always have something funny and entertaining to say.

The more you talk, the louder and faster talking Angie gets. You can even have a seizure with her if she’s in your pocket. It doesn’t matter where or who is around – just activate the magic power of angela without needing any permissions needed anywhere across globe. 

Angela starts sounding like someone from outer space has taken over the body for good measure. While you speak then again those same voices might be recorded and much better sound coming out through speakers.

Talking Angela

Talking Angela is a mobile game that allows kids to have fun indoors and learn from the comfort of their homes. The players repeat things they say or use phrases like “I want” before an object appears on screen, which makes it more exciting for little ones who love repetition.

As technology continues evolving in today’s world so do games such as talking angela because this type of games entertains with sound effects while teaching spelling words too.

So, join talking angela with unlimited love, fun & magic. Watch out for her surprise attacks as she plays games with you. There are so many things to see that it’ll be hard not counting them all – from exciting activities and contests to repeating whatever we say aloud or giving our input on what should happen next based off certain choices made during gameplay; there really isn’t anything this game can’t offer its users (especially since most everything here comes updated). Let me take you through some awesome features before getting started.

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Tips on how to use Talking Angela game

Talking Angela is a game where you have the most fun ever. There are tips that can help with playing this fun game. Here’s how:

  • Get acquainted with Angela by playing and talking to her in the game.
  • To give her the best makeover, dress her up with multiple outfits and apply makeup.
  • Present any exclusive gifts to Angela when you find them.
  • Put stylish outfits and cosmetics on display in order to demonstrate her personal style.
  • Make funny videos with your friends by finding the record option.
  • You can let Angela take the plunge into feather fun with Larry’s button.
  • Each day, Angela’s wisdom can be accessed by clicking on the fortune cookie with a heart shape.

Talking Angela download

My talking angela download is easy. Now you can play Angela for free and unlimited. Take charge of her actions, chat with her, give her a makeover, give her a twist and get the most out of it all. Among the features of the free version are:

  • Ads and promotional materials for Outfit7 products
  • Engaging content tailored to the user’s interests
  • Outfit7 has integrated a few YouTube videos
  • A developer’s special offer for buying
Features of the app my talking angela

Features of the app my talking angela

Angela is an interactive talking game that’s available to play at any age. The only restriction? You need a voice! Have fun with Talking Angela, such as exploring new languages or having someone read your favorite story for you while turning pages in real life. If it sounds like something up your alley then don’t hesitate – start speaking into the microphone right now before this opportunity slips away. 

  • The game has a lot of laughter and fun. The main feature is the player can make Angela do anything they want with their voice, such as tapping on head or doing an action pose for every word said by them.
  • Players can give a fresh bath to Angela and brush her teeth, hair. Once she’s ready the players have all sorts of food available for them in game like cookies or ice cream.
  • Angela is an amazing game for all skill levels. The puzzles are challenging and interesting, the graphics realistic-looking without being distracting or boring. Plus kids will love playing with Angela because she’s helpful and loves helping them get better at reflexes.
  • Fashion is a big part of Angela’s life. She has many outfits and can wear them at any time to match her moods or events she attends. 
  • Her wardrobe also includes make up, which allows for endless possibilities when it comes down to how people see themselves; whether they want something natural looking, Goth style with black eyeliner edges framing their eyes in an intense stare straight ahead while wearing dark red lipstick matched perfectly by lip gloss that matches well against one another due to its deep color hue.

File Information of Talking Angela

Updated:July 27, 2021
Requirements:Android phone, iOS
Get it on:Play store-mobile, PC, Online
Offered by:Outfit7 Limited

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Conclusion-Final thoughts

Angela is always ready for a new adventure. You can find her in the game room, sitting at the vanity mirroring herself before making any decisions or checking out different outfits you’ve styled together! New clothes? Check. Makeup perfections? No problem. Angela’s got glow-in-the dark tints that will set off all of your favorite features like no other girl could ever hope to do so herself.

And what more? There are exclusive gifts hidden around these parts somewhere, well then find them and they’re yours. 

Is there anything more beautiful for kids than seeing Angela? The beauty with which she glides across stage during pop music seems like a video choreographed moves like some sort of elegant ballerina perfecting each graceful posture before stepping onto heels so high you wouldn’t believe someone could walk without falling flat on face, that’s Angela for you.

Note: There is a talking tom angela and my talking angela 2 version as well. 

Frequently asked questions

Q1. Can I play Talking Angela for free?

You can have talking angela game free download for pc, android and online. 

Q2. How do you talk to Angela in talking Angela?

Its simple and easy. Talk the way you generally speak, say anything and angela will repeat it after you.