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It is well known that Angela offers many games that provide user experience and beautiful responses. Its popularity is due to the fact that she talks back to you and that there are many makeover games available to her. Now we have the sequel to Angela with some fresh and exciting stuff to go with the popularity of the virtual talking tom games.

This sequel to Angela, or My Talking Angela, is a treat for all those who loved the original version. It’s hard to imagine why the makers would make another game when they have already made one. Since all of us need new things in life, it is a redesign version to take Angela to a whole new level.

Angela 2 comes with a wide range of redesigned singing styles, as well as the option to dance on your favorite songs. Furthermore, you can visit exciting new locations and give Angela a variety of gorgeous make-overs. Taking you along with her on a fun and exciting journey, she hopes to make sure you enjoy the experience.


Downloading Angela for free

Game Angela is an easy to use application and provides endless entertainment for its users without requiring much effort. To enjoy seamless Angela activities, you only need an internet connection and a smartphone or computer. Step by step instructions will help you install Angela on your device.

  • To download my angela, just click the download button.
  • As soon as you click it, a confirmation window will appear for the download.
  • By clicking ‘Ok’, the download will begin, taking a couple of minutes to complete.
  • Upon completion of the download, the system will begin the installation process automatically.
  • The computer will notify you once the installation has been completed.
  • -Now you’re ready to enjoy all the beautiful things Angela has all by yourself. Therefore, you should join her for the best experience possible.

Promotional features Of Angela

Since Angela is a free game, it includes promotional activities to help the developers. As an example, Outfit7 will advertise and promote its products during the game. As well, you will see content that requires cash and redirect links to other apps and websites.

You can purchase in-app items using virtual currency based on your progress in the game. For those without virtual cash, you can utilize real money spending options to enhance your gaming experience.

Requirements For Angela

Version: 9.6.1
Size: 118M
Updated: jan 12, 2023
Requirements: 5.0 and up
Get it on: Play store-mobile, PC, Online
Offered by: Electronic Arts
Developer: @LilithGames

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Angela’s comeback game

She is back with some new styles, offers, and offers that are sure to make your gaming experience a lot more enjoyable. Fun, additional dance routines and more songs give her a wholesome experience. She is ready to make new friends after moving into a brand new house in a new town that needs renovation and branding.

So, lend her a hand to take what she’s doing at home and in her life to a whole new level by offering her your love and support. Nevertheless, she has plenty of snacks in the kitchen and a multitude of gaming consoles to keep you entertained. Therefore, join us in the adventure of giving her new hairstyles every time in order to make trendy statements. With the new version, the possibilities are endless since it boasts of unlimited items.

It is very easy to make her happy now that she is back in town by doing many things. Make your own cakes, check out the sweet shops, or practice your dance moves. Angela and her gorgeous house can be all yours for all the fun. Make sure you accompany her wherever she goes and become her closest friend.


Angela game and her exciting features

Play new games

The things that keep Angela’s excitement level high include new challenges and new games. So this time around, Angela has a lot of new games to play. There are many interesting mini games in this series, such as crazy puzzles, wacky bugs and many others. As well as donut spin, you can play other games to improve your motor skills or test your abilities.

Unlimited variety of makeovers

The fashion geek Angela is, and anyone who follows her is certainly a fashionista. She has an entire room dedicated solely to styling, where she creates glam looks. Makeups and clothes are abundant in this station, making it an ideal place to get a makeover. Therefore, make some outstanding appearances at events with new makeup games or looks.

Angela needs new Friendships

Due to the fact that Angela is all alone in the new city, we need to take her to new places where she can meet new people. As much fun as that is, make sure you watch her food and nap times because she needs them the most. After all, a true friend can know all these things and arrange the fun that she has with her.


Having fun with fashion and stylish life is your favorite pastime, so Angela game is your ultimate destination. Be creative, make friends, wear beautiful outfits and be surrounded by everyone. All this is possible with talking Angela, and you can converse back and forth with her at the same time to stay in touch all the time.

You will never get enough of Angela’s unique features, she is always outdoing everyone. By proving to be Angela’s best friend, you will be able to have fun playing the game. Remember, it will not be possible for you to regret even one moment with her.

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