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Game of the Year Winner, Real Racing 3 works with iOS, Android, and Nook devices. The game is developed by Firemonkeys Studios. As of 28 February 2013, it was available on iOS and Android platforms as a free to download app that could be enhanced via in-app purchases.

Even though the virtual economy in game proved to be quite expensive, the developers have started to tolerate players watching unlimited advertisements to earn free gold along the way. In addition to Real Racing and Real Racing 2, this is the third in the series. 

Despite the fact that the game is free-to-play, it received relatively less favorable reviews than its predecessors despite its praiseworthy gameplay. 

Real racing 3

With over 45 circuits in 20 real-world locations, 43 cars, and about 300+ cars from different manufacturers including Audi, Porsche, Lamborghini, Bugatti, Ford etc. this game comes highly recommended.Players must maintain and service their vehicles in Real Racing 3, which requires real-world time as well as in-game cash.

Playing the game

In order to start the tutorial, the player is given a Porsche 911 GT3 RS. Following that, the player had to purchase either a Nissan Silvia S15 or a Ford Focus RS, but with 8thupdate, the player starts out with a Formula 1 car. According to player performance, they earn fame points (akin to experience points) to increase their driver level. Each level up rewards you with gold coins, the premium in-game currency. 

In the game, gold coins are rewarded based on how many fame points you need to reach a new level. There are several series of the game, each divided into several tiers, and each tier is comprised of one to three distinct races.

Real racing 3-chapters and its sequences

In June 2017, around 135 different series had been added to the game. It is to be kept in mind that only limited cars could be used in certain series. Few series permit only 1 car use while some allow 3 cars usage.

In the original release of the game, the player was quickly able to play a series after purchasing a car that was featured in the particular series. However, with update 2013 users must win a quantified number of awards in a series in order to unlock the new series.

Essentially any car that is allowed in a given series can be used within that series, except in “showcase” races, which can only be sported by one specific car. The player cannot 100% complete most series without purchasing all usable cars for that series, despite the fact that most cars are used in more than one series. 

R$ are given to the player when they finish 25 percent, 50 percent, 75 percent, and 100 percent of a series. Each event in a series must offer a player a gold trophy (first place in races and a time trial without being carried off the track or colliding into any barriers) to complete 100% of the series.

Real racing 3-chapters and its sequences

Division of races

The races are divided into 17 to 22 tiers, each comprising a maximum of three events. The first tier within a specific series is available upon entering, but once unlocked, the remaining races within the tiers can be accessed. Players can unlock additional tiers if they earn bronze, silver, and gold trophies in previous races, or if they use a gold coin or in-game currency to unlock the tiers. 

Point to be noted!

If a player does not perform such maintenance, then the car will suffer drastic performance losses. Unlike previous Real Racing games, maintenance and servicing of vehicles are mandatory. Maintaining and upgrading a car requires in-game cash as well as real-world time, which typically takes several hours, depending on which car is being serviced. 

Currency in real racing 3 game

A player can procure race dollars which is known as “R$”, gold, and Motorsports dollars called M$ as part of the game. In order to earn R$ you must complete races, advance in series, complete laps without leaving the track or hitting other cars, and hire Managers. 

Gold coins can only be earned by finishing a series every quarter, advancing in driver level, completing Games experiences, watching 15 to 30 second ads in-game, opening the application daily, and completing other offers.

Information of Real racing 3

You can use R$ to buy new cars, upgrade them, and maintain them. Using gold coins, you can proceed with maintenance immediately, receive newly purchased cars without having to wait, unlock new levels, unlock cars instantly, customize vehicles, and buy cars that are unavailable through R$. In the in-app store, the player can purchase real-world money such as R$, gold coins, and M$.

Features of real racing 3

Real racing 3 come with amazing features. Let’s have a look at them.

Managing the controls

As with its predecessors, Real Racing 3 has a similar control scheme. There are seven different ways the player can control the game. In “Tilt A” your device can be steered with accelerometers (it will turn left when tilted left and right when tilted right). It also features automatic acceleration and manual braking. Likewise, the remaining six methods work in their specified ways.

Types Of Events

Featuring eleven different race types, Real Racing 3 is a real racing simulator

  1. Introduction: There is one major race known as the “Cup”. It is played against 9 to 21 opponents.
  2. The second: Racing in NASCAR with about 42 opposing racers can be “NASCAR” (rolling start race).
  3. The third: the basic racing is done with formula E cars which has manuals controls like brakes, steering etc.
  4. The fourth is the “Elimination” event (race opposite to 7 players, where, every 20 seconds, a car is eliminated from the race.

Playing multiple players

It offered a form of multiplayer known as “Time Shifted Multiplayer” (TSM), created by Firemonkeys, instead of the “traditional” multiplayer mode (where players compete against one another simultaneously online). 

A player joins TSM online and the game recreates their lap times, i.e., TSM records the lap times of people in each race. As you race against AI opponents, you actually simulate the laps you would race against real people at a different time

Features of real racing 3

The drafting process

Formula 1 and NASCAR are both equipped with drafting options. In drafting, cars come behind one another, causing the bumpers to come into contact. Trains drafting occurs when 4 or more cars are in a linear straight line. As a result, it holds a higher speed than normal drafting. 

It is common in NASCAR for drivers to draft from the outside. In 2017, NASCAR Circuit users were able to start using train drafting.

Automobiles (cars)

9th update for the game that came in march 2021 added 359 licensed vehicles to the game. The player could initially purchase every car in the game with as little money and gold as they had at the time. However, by now you have to purchase them.

Wait! Players who have not yet reached the point where they would normally be able to unlock cars acquired before the introduction of unlocks are still able to play any race series that features that particular car.

Places & Sites

Real-life circuits are depicted in the game with the exception of Melbourne, a fictional track located on Southbank.

File Information of Real racing 3

Version: 9.6.1
Size:  41MB
Updated:jan 12, 2023
Requirements:Android phone, iOS
Get it on:Play store-mobile, PC, Online
Offered by:Electronic Arts
Developer:@Electronic Arts

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Conclusion- Final Observations

Real Racing 3 has received praise from critics for its 22 car grid, better graphics, and routes & tracks, but its freemium model is not liked by some. The song of the game i-e titled as time is being remixed and added to the 8th and 9th version of the game.

Similarly, from its controls to multi-player gaming mode all is well enjoyed by users. We have a high recommendation of the game if you are a true racer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it worth playing Real Racing 3?

Real Racing 3 for iOS and Android both offers impressive graphics, realistic vehicles, and a game play that’s near perfect. However, few people do not like or prefer the game’s concept of freemium design.

Will there be a real racing 4?

After recently discovering that Firemonkeys, EA’s mobile games studio, laid off the majority of its staff, it does look like Real Racing 4 will no longer be released. A representative of EA and an anonymous staff member of EA spoke to Kotaku about the no release issue.

How can I play Real Racing 3 on my PC?

  • It is simple to play real racing 3 on android, iOS, computer, pc or even online. Below are the steps for PC.
  • Blue Stacks can be downloaded and installed on your PC.
  • The top right corner of the page has a search bar. Type in Real Racing 3.
  • The search results show Real Racing 3. Click to install it.
  • Install Real Racing 3 by signing in with your Google account.

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