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One of the best-looking and most versatile font styles is the italic font which is the best looking font around the globe. In addition to its wide range of functions, it is also visually appealing to readers. Apart from that, it helps formal writing to represent something which stands out and makes it look more credible. In other words, this italic text generator tool is perfect for those who love writing in italics. It can italicize any text in a matter of seconds.

During the 1500s, italic style text turned out popular as a method for saving pages and afterward it was used everywhere. Following the 1600s, its most common use was pointing out important points in a document. Users would often underline the text in handwriting to emphasize its important points. The use of italic fonts solely to emphasize later incorporated as a norm during the 17th century.

Compared to the style that was in the past or at the beginning, this has gone through many changes and is very different. Nowadays, it is a common style of font to emphasize a text that every person uses. In addition, you can use it to draw attention to important points and even quote someone in a text.

Italic Text Generator

A brief history of italics

Originally from Italy, italics are a type of the calligraphy style font. These calligraphy inspirations are often found in faces such as the one in this portrait. The original aim of their creation was to replace the usual generic font, which was called as the chancery hand.

A font in italics was introduced by Ludovico Arrighi and Aldus Manutius, the inventors of the italic font.The 1500s saw Marcus Mutatius printing small size of books of poetry with this font. He used this font primarily for copying small books and saving pages, not for highlighting.

It wasn’t long before everyone started using it for many other purposes in their daily lives. Different people made their versions of the italic as well resembling the original italic fonts. A few years later, Italians became accustomed to chancery italics that soon began to widely application within the country.

How to convert text to italics

You can convert any text into italics within a few seconds with the help of this powerful and user-friendly italic text generator tool. Following a simple three step procedure, your new fonts will be ready for you in no time. To see how it works, we will go through a simple process with three steps.

  • In order to begin, first type your text in this field ‘Type text here’, or paste it into the desired file.
  • Soon our tool will no doubt automatically display anything you copy or write into the box in the italicized version beneath the text. If you wish to see more, you can click on the ‘look more’ link below.
  • After the fonts are ready, you can just copy paste it with the help of a mouse on any website. Thus, this will add some extra features to make your text fun.

Obviously, this text will only appear on websites and social media platforms that support the Unicode symbols. The feature of Unicode cannot be used on computers without Unicode compatibility. In case your system doesn’t have it, you will need to install it.

What is Unicode and what is its importance?

We tend to copy a text we like from different online sources and also use them in our blogs and posts regularly. Although this may seem straightforward, it normally ends up being a disappointment when the desired text style is changed. Due to the fact there is no Unicode representation in the copy source, this change is necessary.

A Unicode plugin is essentially a type of plug-in that can facilitate copying and pasting very quickly and preserves the original font style. Unicode makes it possible to use the exact font style from the italic text generator on any online platforms and other websites.

There are many uninitiated users who are not aware of the fact that Unicode’s italics feature does more than simply change the text. Furthermore, it produces dozens of kinds of italic font to choose from, each generated from its own symbols. Our social media statuses or websites can match with many different images.

Who can use it and where?

Our website provides a free italic text generator that anyone and everyone can use at any time. This can be of use to anyone who wishes of adding unique styles to their online posts or writings. Italicizing your posts increases the likelihood that they will be visible to followers and thereby gain a lot of attention.

Social media influencers who wish to personalize their statuses have access to other style generators in addition to the italic and bold text generator. Content is visually more prominent if you use this style which is because it’s appealing. The result is that your texts seem more unique and appealing by shaking up the monotony of generic text.

In the past, you had to download a style of font from Adobe if you wanted to use it in PhotoShop. That would be time-consuming and exhausting. You can now add italic font in Watsapp, Adobe Photoshop, Gimp, etc. except downloading the fonts manually. You can easily save time by simply copying the text from italic text generator and pasting it into Photoshop.

With multiple italic font download options, you’ll be able to create vintage looking cards, pictures, invitation cards, and much more. From bold italic font to yaytext bold, there are plenty of stylish fonts in this tool. In this way, your texts will look unique, and your creativity will be visible in the posts. Besides, it’s a really cool approach to give your texts a unique touch that makes them stand out.


We have the perfect italic text generator that creates font style for anyone wanting to showcase their personality. If you wish, the italic font generator will create just about any text style to meet your needs. As an example, it’s a great font to use for tattoos, and social media handles. Besides looking cool, it will showcase your artistic side.

In addition to enhancing the appearance of the text, italics text generator also make it appear clear and prominent. You’ll be able to add a little more oomph factor and make your posts look better across all platforms. Thus, if you want more done in a short while, then we advise you to use this italic text generator in order to display your uniqueness.

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