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The only solution for warehousing and logistics is Vxpress tracking which has been providing logistics and warehousing services continuously for more than 30 years. Our services are guaranteed without any theft or shortage, we provide tracking services for our busy clients, and we deliver everything on time according to our commitments. 

Through Vxpress, businesses can expand their operations throughout the country. A branch of Vijay Transport Limited, Vxpress was founded in 1958 by Shri Kunverji K. Shah. The company is a certified ISO 9001:2015 company, and all of its systems and procedures follow the same policy as the other companies. 

The goal of the company is to become the number one logistics service provider by providing modern infrastructure as well as technology. It is the self-belief, efficiency, safe and timely delivery, and commitment to their work that make Vxpress successful.

Vxpress Tracking

Tracking Vxpress courier

The Vxpress Company offers its customers tracking facility so that they are free from any tension or doubt. Here are some ways you can follow your consignment:

  • Go to the official Vxpress website
  • There is a heading “Tract Your Shipment”
  • Put the shipment number below it in the blank box
  • When you enter the number, press the “TRACK” button
  • All the details will appear before you

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Services and Facilities by Vxpress Tracking

Vexpress provides the following facilities and services:

Express Logistics

We offer logistics services to different industries by offering timely deliveries and tracking services. Therefore, the company delivers charges in three ways to make it easier for its business partners:

  1. The firm has well-trained fleets for road express logistics and is committed to offering delivery services on time to all people. There is no doubt that Vxpress has its own fleet of vehicles equipped with GPS systems. We have closed, waterproof vehicles that protect cargo with zero percent chance of any damage. Additionally, we offer value-added services for smooth operations.
  2. Air Express Logistics aims to offer services with zero percent pilferage, so this is the reason that they provide air express logistics. Hence, all of the deliveries that are time-sensitive, important, susceptible to damage and temperature sensitive are handled by air.
  3. The Vxpress Railways offers an extensive service network, as well as affordable transport for all of its customers. As a result, the logistics facility has also been expanded by two stations, so that people can access it easily and quickly. The network is reliable, fast, secure and efficient in every way.

Other Services of Vxpress

  • There is a control room that is serviced 24 hours a day by monitoring consignments, shipments, and deliveries
  • The GPS system equips vehicles with information regarding their location.
  • There is direct exchange of information among all branches.
  •  There is a toll-free number available for our dedicated customers.
  • The Vxpress executive staff is trained to handle all problems and queries from customers and clients.
  • Because all of the systems are technically advanced, everything is handled efficiently.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How do I check the status of my consignment?

The status of your order can be checked by logging onto the official website of Vxpress. You can find out the status of your cargo by entering the docket number under “TRACK YOUR CARGO”.

Q2. How do I know if there is service for a particular location?

Check the website for information about the service at a specific branch location. It is necessary to search branch based on state, location, or region.

Q3. I want to contact Vxpress, please tell me the different alternatives to contact?

You can contact Vxpress by following ways:

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