VRL Courier Tracking Services India is a premier mobile GPS tracking solution provider, which provides the highest quality GPS tracking solutions at the lowest rates in India. Our services are backed by the latest cutting edge technologies in GPS tracking devices, with world class customer support. Our services include indoor localization, real time location or just simple tracking.

With the launch of our new VRL Tracking service in India we are happy to announce that we have officially launched our tracking service in India.  It’s now possible to track your vehicle or asset from anywhere in the world. The company provides professional tracking services for the entire process of indoor localization, real time location or just simple tracking as a service.


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Step wise tracking process

VRL is a great system that is reliable and easy to use. With the ability to be tracked online or offline, it’s a great choice for delivery services. Its features include:

  1. VRL is a fully integrated GPS tracking solution. You simply enter your tracking number and send it to the company, they enter the tracking number into the app, and you are on your way.
  2. The service uses the GSM network so you can use the system on any smartphone.
  3. There is no installation required. Simply enter your tracking number and send it to the company.
  4. VRL can be used in the US, Canada and Europe. You can track packages by email.

Why is tracking your courier important?

Tracking means identifying the location of your shipments. It is essential to know where your shipments are and how they are progressing in order to better control your expenses. Most tracking tools work by scanning an RFID tag on the shipment. In this example, we will use the popular VRL (Vehicle Remote Location) system.

  • You can easily track VRL Courier by subscribing for their newsletters or by simply registering with their official website.
  • They will provide you with an API (application programming interface) which allows you to access all the information regarding the movement of your shipment.
  • With this information, you can monitor the movement of your shipment and keep in touch with it.
  • You can also manage your shipment from a single dashboard on their website.
  • VRL Courier helps you save a lot of time and effort and provides you with accurate data about the shipment.
  • Apart from tracking, you can also manage your shipment and even get in contact with their support team.

What makes VRL courier a great choice?

One of the biggest advantages of the VRL Courier is the ability to deliver items in multiple ways. We can use it as a package, courier, parcel, or delivery. We can also put a tracking number on the box if we want.

  • When you deliver something, you get paid instantly and in real time. No more waiting for your payment.
  • You can set the amount of delivery fee per delivery.
  • We have the option of picking up the package or sending it through a service.
  • We have the ability to track packages. Moreover, we can set our own rates for deliveries and pickups.
  • We can change our package size with no additional fees. We can easily send invoices to clients.
  • Furthermore, we have the ability to create custom labels.
  • Get reports and receive notifications when packages are delivered or picked up.
  • We have the ability to export a CSV file when shipments are made.
  • You can easily add new locations for deliveries and pickups.


VRL is the perfect example of a company that’s leveraging its technology to bring value to their customers. From the very beginning, they have done so with amazing customer service and by delivering what they promise. If you’re thinking about working with VRL, give them a call. Get yourself a real experience.

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