Top 4 Best Fluval aquarium heaters and filters

If you want to give the best experience to your aquarium buddies, you should not just look for products but choose the best heating equipment. You need to know how to maintain an aquarium correctly and learn the best ways to heat the tank. 

Aquarium heaters are an essential part of any aquarium system. They are used to warm the water temperature of the aquarium, and provide an environment where all of the fish and invertebrates can live comfortably.

In this regard, Best Fluval Aquarium Heater is a well-known manufacturer and seller of aquarium heaters, filters, and pumps, which help you, keep your fish healthy, comfortable, and happy! Their products are designed to give you all the benefits you would expect from any top-quality heater.

Best Fluval aquarium heaters

A Quick Look At Top 4 Best Fluval aquarium heaters

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Product Name




Fluval M50 Submersible Heater

50 to 200 W

Fluval E300 Advanced Electronic Heater

300 W

Fluval P25 Submersible  Heater


Fluval Tronic Heater

100 W

1. Fluval M50 Submersible Heater (available in 50 to 200 Watt range)

Fluval M50 Submersible Heater

The Fluval M50 Submersible Heater provides a high performance heater suitable for use in aquariums. This heater provides a continuous flow of warm water for both the pump and tank.

The M50 will provide an average temperature of 50°F (10°C) throughout the tank with a max temperature of 150°F (65°C) for up to 10 hours.

With the Fluval M50 Aquarium Heater, you get an efficient heating system that uses up to 50% less energy than other heaters.

This simple, practical and effective device helps control algae growth and keeps your fish healthy. Thus, it proves to be ideal for use with aquariums, ponds, tanks and all other types of aquaria.

  • Provides a stable temperature range
  • Can be submerged up to 30°F below water line
  • Available in a wide range of watts
  • Can break easily

2. Fluval E300 Advanced Electronic Heater (for up to 100 gallons)

Fluval E300 Advanced Electronic Heater (for up to 100 gallons)

Fluval’s Electronic E300 Advanced heater offers unparalleled performance and versatility in the most compact design available. With an 8′ power cord that allows you to run this heater in virtually any location.

The E300 Advanced heater will deliver the results you expect from a true aquatic heater. This heater is designed to easily fit through the standard aquarium fittings found on most aquariums.

The Fluval E300 Advanced Electronic Heater is a compact aquarium heater that will warm your water to the perfect temperature in no time.

With up to 4 heat settings you will enjoy comfortable temperatures across your entire tank. It will help you maintain optimal water parameters throughout your fish’s life cycle, making them healthier and happier.

  • Eliminate the hassle of cleaning it regularly
  • Warm water at precisely the right temperature
  • Save up to $70 per year on energy costs
  • May not work well in horizontal position

3. Fluval P25 Submersible Aquarium Heater

Fluval P25 Submersible Aquarium Heater

This Fluval P25 heater is a highly efficient submersible aquarium heater, using a unique convection heating technology for water circulation.

It has a thermostatic control to ensure a constant temperature and is equipped with a powerful fan, which produces a strong current of air through the heater, reducing oxygen consumption and improving the water circulation.

With a single tank capacity of 2L and 3L versions available, you’ll be able to maintain healthy conditions in your aquarium. It is designed to maintain water temperatures from 68°F to 86°F for the fish and corals.

It also helps prevent algae growth by maintaining water oxygenation levels. This heater is also equipped with LED lights that provide additional lighting during low light periods.

  • No waiting time for heat up
  • Low noise, quiet operation
  • Waterproof design
  • Sometimes, it may overheat

4. Fluval Tronic Heater (100-Watt Submersible Aquarium Heater)

Fluval Tronic Heater

The Fluval Tronic Heater is a great heater for your tank. The compact design offers quick heating, low electricity consumption and the adjustable thermostat ensures even temperatures across your aquarium.

The tronic heater features an easy to use push button to control the current flow. It includes 3 ft. tubing and easy to use plug-in power cord for easy installation.

Fluval Tronic Heater is a great heater for your tank, and offers the flexibility to be used anywhere in the aquarium.

It heats the water in the aquarium through the aquarium walls using infrared heaters that emit high heat through the glass. In addition, the Tronic is equipped with a powerful 3-stage heat exchanger, a heat sensor and an LED light for easy maintenance.

  • Warmer temperature in aquarium
  • Increases oxygen circulation
  • Increases water circulation
  • May overheat in case of negligence


The Fluval aquarium heater is a great investment and should be included in all tank sets. It is extremely effective at keeping the water temperature at the ideal level. It heats the water using a finned metal heat exchanger which is placed inside the aquarium. With the Fluval heaters, your water stays fresh longer because you don’t have to worry about algae growing in your tank. 

The Fluval provides an adjustable thermostat that regulates the temperature of the tank. This allows you to regulate the temperature of the water for your fish and plants. You will also notice that this heater provides a constant flow of water throughout the entire unit. A pump circulates the water so it is continuously and evenly heated.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which brand of aquarium heater is best?
Fluval is one of the best aquarium heaters in the market that is efficient and affordable for almost all sizes of aquariums.
Where a fluval heater should be placed?
A fluval aquarium heater should be placed near the maximum flow of water in a fish tank. This way, it will work efficiently and keep the water warm for longer periods of time.
Is fluval heater submersible?
Yes, it is fully submersible and gives efficient performance under controlled conditions.
How do I choose an aquarium heater?
A rule of thumb is to choose 2.5 to 5 watts per gallon for the volume of water in an aquarium.
Do aquarium heaters use a lot of electricity?
It usually depends on the quality of the heater. For instance, Fluval aquarium heaters are energy efficient and save up to 50 percent of energy cost.