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How to soften leather boots is a common issue in the world of leather shoes products. Leather softener for boots is the immediate answer by many. We can say that softening leather boots does not seem to be a difficult task. A large number of products from belts to shoes and from boots to jackets, in fact many of them are made of leather. Therefore, learning to know how to soften leather is a natural phenomenon. 

Surprisingly, the whole world is getting benefits from strength and durability of leather. All the products of leather look amazing when you first bring them home. But before they reach full comfort level for a softer wear, you should master the art of soften leather.

It is not surprising when you find leather boots hard or stiff leather. Because, all are aware of the fact that leather is always stiff, but nothing to worry. We will tell you how to make leather soft. Indeed huge number of people avoid leather boots due to oblivious of leather soften.

Further, stiffness as it causes ache in feet is a point of consideration but hard leather can be soften up. Now there is no need to feel scary of how to make leather softer. Neither is to be afraid of how to soften hardened leather shoes as there are many proven methods to make the shoes softer.

How to Soften Leather Boots  Hulistic

But it should be kept in mind that there are no shortcuts for turning high priced boots into soft leather boot. When they are perfectly made, you need to know the tricks how to soften boot leather. Hence when leather boots are made precisely then they are very hard at first.

Moreover, they will become soft with passage of time and it takes a little effort. Definitely there are plenty of ways to make hard leather soft and almost all of them are discussed below.

Softening Leather Shoes The Right Way:

Soften boot leather is not as hard a job as it seems. Now soften leather shoes by simply following any of the below tip or trick on how to soften leather shoes. Below is a list on how to soften shoe leather.

Always Pick Up the Apt Size

Before everything you must make sure that the shoes should be of apt size. Since, the right choice of size matters a lot in softening shoe leather. It should be neither too small nor too big than your actual size. The best way of buying correct size of shoes is having a standard shoe size number. This way you get all the information regarding your boots from the manufacturer. 

You should also be aware of the fact that leather mostly expands quickly from sides. Thus if leather shoes are little bit narrow then it is perfectly fine as the very first process to soften your leather boots is to buy a correct size with all the information.

Condition Leather Boots

Without any doubt when you have purchased leather shoes then you need to take best care of it. When you bring your new pair of shoes, right before you break in leather boots, you must use leather shoes softener. In other words, you have to directly apply leather conditioner to soften shoe leather material.  Beside you have to apply it until the boots turn soft.

Wear the Boots around the Home

Another way to soft leather boots is to start wearing them. As you wear them, the leather shoes become softening and you can definitely use them with comfort.  Before the shoes are worn for outside and far off place, try to wear them in your home maximum 1 to 2 weeks. In this way slowly and gradually your feet will be used to it and the boots will become soft with passage of time.

Boot Stretcher

The first question that crosses the mind is does leather stretch?  For softening of leather boots or leather stretches, you must use boot stretcher. Because leather boots stretching work on mechanism that its size increases and expands when put inside the shoes. Thus making the boots soft and stretching it at the same time. But one thing needs to be kept in mind while stretching leather boots that there must be some resistance. Otherwise, boots will expand so much and the result of leather boots stretch will be negative.

Boot Stretcher

Provide Extra Heat

One of the methods to leather boot stretch is to provide some heat to the shoes. Use hair dryer of some material that does not damage the leather. Now, breaking in leather boots is easy. A beautiful combination of normal socks, boot stretcher and some extra heat will serve the purpose and the boots will fit perfectly on your feet. An important point is that keep stretching the boots until they are cool when touch them.

Use of Screwed Newspaper

Another way to soften leather boots is using newspaper. Hence take a newspaper and moist it with water. Fold the newspaper, put them in each shoe and leave them until they dry. After few hours remove the dried balls of newspaper. You will find positive results soon on leather boot softener.

Use Stretching Sprays- Shoe Leather Softener 

Break in leather shoes and yet you feel that all the above methods are not working up to the mark. You are clueless on how to break in leather shoes with ease. We have another procedure of using stretching spray. As we know that leather has the natural capacity to expand with passage of time .Thus stretching spray will speed up the process and will ultimately save your precious time. 

Leather stretch boot is the easiest thing nowadays. Shoe spray with alcohol is extremely effective because it dries up quickly without leaving any mark on boots and getting your work done in no time.

Use Vaseline

Vaseline is a convenient & affordable leather softener for shoes. It is one of the best methods for softening the leather and the amount of it being used depends on your shoes size. You need to have more Vaseline if shoe size is big and vice versa. For applying Vaseline, the usage of a small brush will help in application of it on shoes. Rub it in such manner that it forms a small layer, leave it for night so that Vaseline is absorbed completely. Clean the shoes with dry handkerchief to remove surplus Vaseline if any left.

Use Alcohol

Use Alcohol

Another way to soften shoes is that of using alcohol so apply alcohol on the shoes and you will get best results. For applying take a cotton ball, dip it in alcohol, massage the shoes with it but remove the laces because alcohol can damage it and rub it deeply. Leave it for 30 minutes, consequently alcohol will be absorbed making leather boots softer and more comfortable.


Most importantly there are many materials that can cause damage to your leather boots. For example, not all types of oil etc. can be used to make it soft. Similarly pine tar, oils like castor & mineral and toxic chemicals shall not be applied on leather materials because they can heavily damage them.

Instead mink oil, saddle soap, coconut oil and foot oil shall be used. But you must wash, clean and dry the shoes properly before applying any material on leather boots for perfect leather softener boots results.

Thus nobody can become master of softening shoes in a day or two. Off course, it takes time and efforts. You need to do research and invest time then finally you will get positive results. Almost, all the methods of softening leather shoes are mentioned above, they are cheap, affordable and easily can be applied. Therefore whatever procedure and method is suitable & affordable to you can be used and hopefully results will be awesome.

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