How to shine shoes without polish

How to shine shoes without polish | Easy home remedies

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Every once in a while, people on the internet search for alternatives on how to shine shoes without polish. The reason behind this search is obvious because we have all been there running late for office and finding out that we are out of shoe polish. Now that you desperately need a quick coat of shoe polish therefore you have to find a solution for getting the results for “shine my shoes”.

We have got you covered!

Here we have a solution for how to shine shoes without polish with the help of some other household items. Moreover if you want to polish black shoes then you can have these diy shoe polish ideas. There are a number of household items that can work as an alternative in case of emergency. You just have to find them and they will do the magic for you immediately.

How to shine shoes without polish

Some alternatives to shoes polish

These shoe polish alternatives are available in almost every household and you can find them easily at home. Here, we will provide you with a detail guide on how to use them and take the best out of these products or homemade shoe cleaners. Moreover, it will also add value information to your knowledge and can help you a lot in knowing about home shoe cleaners.

Different oils for shining shoes without polish

Olive Oil & Lemon

Many kinds of plant based oil are great for shining shoes but olive oil is the best among them all. It is recognized as a great alternative for shoe polish and is worldwide considered the best moisturizer. Thus, use as an alternative of leather polish for shoes.

Just spray a few drops of olive oil on your leather shoes and let it set for 5 minutes. After that, buff it with a soft piece of cotton cloth. If you want some extra shine leather look, spray a few drops of lemon juice along the olive oil and buff it off.

Coconut oil 

Coconut oil is another alternative for shoes polish in our list and gives the best shine to your shoes. Just rub a few drops of coconut oil on your shoes and then buff it off with a clean piece of cloth. This will reduce the dullness and enhance the outlook of the shoes. Thus, this is an easy alternative and a diy shoe cleaner on how to shine shoes without polish.

Remember to avoid this method if you live in a cold climate because coconut oil clumps in the cold. As a result, this leaves an ugly white stain on the shoes which are very difficult to remove from polish brown shoes.

Rubbing alcohol

Rubbing alcohol is also an alternative to shine your shoes in case you are out of shoe polish. Just a tiny bit of rubbing alcohol can add shine to any polishing leather shoes with a simple application process. Spray a few small drops on the shoes and let it dry before buffing it off with a cloth. An important point to remember is to check a small area of the shoes before applying this home-made shoe polish on the entire shoe.

Some natural alternatives

Oregano leaves

Fresh and lush green oregano leaves work as an excellent natural shoe polish alternative. It is because of the presence of special antibacterial and antifungal agents in them. These ingredients help in keeping your shoes shiny and smell great for a longer time. Take a few leaves of oregano and rub them over the shoes and then clean them with a soft cloth. Voila! Your shoes are now shiny and smell great. 


If you are the kind of person who polishes their shoes at the last minute then don’t worry at all. In case you are out of shoes polish, you can use a banana instead which you had for breakfast. It is as easy alternative and is one of our favorites because of the easy application.

Take a banana peel and gently rub the inside of it over the shoes as a replacement for how to shine shoes without polish. Then buff it off with a cloth to remove excess material and make your black shoe shine the best.


The hibiscus flower is another natural product that serves as a replacement for shoe polishes. It contains all types of cleaning agents that helps in shining the leather of your shoes. Just rub the flower over the shoes and clean it with a soft cloth and the shoes will be ready for use. It shines shoes in no time without any black leather shoe polish or boot shine products.


It is one of the ingredients of ancient shoe polishes which make it the perfect alternative to shoe polish. The procedure for using beeswax is simple and need a little care. First of all, heat the wax till it is soft and then apply it on the shoes. Then, buff it off with a clean cloth till you get a shiny new look. Moreover, it will condition the leather and make the leather shining which is great for the shoes.

Day to day products for shining shoes

Day to day products for shining shoes

Hair gel

If you want a little extra shine on your shoes and have no other alternatives at home. We bet that you must have some hair gel in the cabinet. Apply it on the shoes and give it some shine that will otherwise look dull and crappy. After applying the gel, gently rub it off with a clean cloth and let it settle for five minutes. Finally you will have lustrous shoes complementing your personality with how to shine shoes without polish.

Lip balm or petroleum jelly

Both these items are a part of anyone’s daily use so if you are out of shoe polish then try any of these products. These can be your saviors in shining leather shoes without using leather shoe polish. You can apply any of them on the leather shoes and rub them off with a clean piece of cloth. Avoid using too much of the products because the risk of using them on leather shoes shine is still a debatable topic.


Toothpaste is specifically used for cleaning white shoes but they can also be used for getting out scuffs. Rub a little toothpaste on the marks with the help of a toothbrush. After that, clean it up with a cotton cloth for a super clean look.

How to shine shoes properly

Whether you are using a shoe polish or any of its alternatives, it is always recommended to follow a few simple steps on how to shine shoes without polish for getting the best results. The foremost point on how to shine boots is that all shoes must be clean and dry before polishing. 

Besides, it is important to learn how to clean dress shoes or any other shoes before applying polish. Thus, always check your shoes before you apply any shoe polish or its alternatives over them. Now, let’s dive into the steps for how to shine a shoe properly.

  1. Place the shoes on a newspaper to avoid stains and remove the laces from them.
  2. Dab a cotton ball in any of the available solution or pour the ingredients on the cotton ball. 
  3. Rub the cotton ball all over the shoes in a circular motion covering all the parts of the shoes.
  4. Use a clean and soft cloth to wipe off the excess products on the shoes.
  5. Now buff shoes off continuously for a minute to bring out the luster on the shiny black shoes.
  6. Allow the shoes to dry and get it ready for using it in the next few minutes.

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