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Worthy public you have come to the perfect place for your shipments and parcels. In Indonesian history, Pos Indonesia tracking is one of the experienced and world famous post office. The pos track was established on 26th August, 1746 in Jakarta by GW Baron Van Imhoff who was the governor general at that time. Clearly the aim of establishing the office was to ensure the security of the documents and since then the responsibility to serve the public has been taken by track mail. 

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Tracking Post Indonesia has vast organizational structure for the company of about 24 thousand offices that reaches almost all cities, regions and many districts. Plus there are 940 far off postal check locations as well in Indonesia.

Moreover it has above 3800 online post tracking offices in big cities and are well equipped. The purpose of the company is to build a competitive tracking post office in order to prosper the nation and to provide courier, financial and logistics services to public. 

Thus the main aim of pt pos Indonesia is to provide products that are relevant to the needs of market, to run the business process effectively, to provide outstanding IT solutions with affordable postal rates and to strengthen the system of internal management. Indeed the company works on the acronym “ALKHLAK” that stands for trust, competence, harmony, loyalty, adaptive and collaboration.

Pos Indonesia Tracking

Tracking Shipment

Customers now need not to bother themselves about the time and route of consignment. Because Indonesian post has introduced the online tracking system for any shipment. Tracing the shipment has become very easy in Indonesia post with just the use of a post tracking number:

  • Open the website www posindonesia co id
  • Option “Track Shipment” will appear on the top of the page
  • Type the receipt number there
  • Click “epost track”
  • Location of shipment will appear right there

Services Provided by Pt Pos 

There are numerous services that are provided by the Indonesian post office and they try their level best to facilitate the customers. Following is the detail of the services:

Customers Can Easily Check & Calculate Shipping Rates

Now it has become very easy to know the rates of shipments beforehand so that each and every person can make an estimate of all the cost. For calculating the rates just:

  • Open the official website
  • Come to the option “Calculate Shipping Rates”
  • Enter “origin of shipment” and “delivery Destination”
  • Press “Check rates”
  • The cost of the shipment will appear for you

Latest Technology Use for Shipping

Evidently pos Indonesia is equipped with latest technology and pospay is one such example of it. The company is indeed sparking in digital innovations. Further online offices are there which has made the work easier and can manage everything by just sitting home and dealing online.

Same Day Service

Above all the most efficient service so far is same day service by which you can send packages, merchandise, mail and documents in maximum 9 hours or till 4 pm. Definitely it can be send at the post office but the amazing thing is that the pick-up is free of cost and the customer can track the packages on the official website.

One Day Service

Pos Indonesia offers 1 day delivery facility by that you can send documents, merchandise and packages. It can be send to any city within Indonesia and will reach in 24 hours. Besides it can be booked from your mobile and payment can be in cash or by debit cards. Insurance or any other compensation is also given on loss or damage which is great and tension free for the customer. 

Special Service 

Hence there is another special service for worthy customers which is known as “pos kilat khusus” in Indonesian language. By this service you can send letters, merchandise, documents or packages anywhere in Indonesia. The courier will reach its destination in 2 to 7 days. Insurance is also given by the company for this service but you have to keep the postal receipt saved. In case, you have no receipt, the worth is lost. 

Economy Post

Another outclass service offered is “economy jumbo post’ by which you can send items weighing from 3kg to 30 kg. Further this service is available for all the branches in Indonesia. It reaches out to all corners of the state plus the service is affordable and up to the mark. There is full guarantee in damage or loss of items along with tracking facility. There is also pickup service available for few special clients.

Warehouse Service

Since the company provides warehouse facility, where goods are stored for production or the produced goods are also stored that are transported to its intended destinations in demand. It is in fact a place where goods are stored and proper documentation is done so that there is check and balance of everything.

Shipment Forwarding

Pos Indonesia is here to provide all type of solutions for your import and export business. Whether freight is exported or imported by air or by sea will be the demand of the client and it will be done according to the nature of the shipment.

Post International Tracking via Air

Post International Tracking via Air

Certainly, the company provides international freight service by air. There are some routes that take too much time for transformation of goods through other means of transport. Therefore, transport by air is the best option because it is quick and easy. There are experienced representatives abroad to deal with the proceedings.

International Transportation via Ocean

Similarly the company is equipped with the facility of transporting goods by ocean. So the exporters & importers can choose the mode of ocean as there are certain objects which are best transported by it. Full security is being provided to the customers and it is made sure that no damage is done to the goods.

Registered Mail Service

Pos Indonesia offers registered mail service internationally by which a customer can send goods and documents. So it will reach its destination within 6 to 10 hours and weight level should not exceed 2kg. Further the delivery can be traced but obviously for some countries not all. 

Note: You can get Indonesian postal codes from any courier list on internet.                                                                     


Customers can contact pos Indonesia by using following ways:


[email protected]









Other Branches

Region  BranchAddress 
Region IMedan Branch Ace, north Sumatra
Region IIPadang Branch Riau, riau islands, west Sumatra 
Region IIIPalembang Branch Bengkulu jambi, south Sumatra, Bangka-belitung islands. Lampung 
Region IVJakarta Branch Benten, Jakarta, west java 
Region VBandung Branch Banten, west java
Region VISemarang Branch Central java, Yogyakarta 
Region VIISurabaya Branch East java
Region VIIIDenpasar Branch Bali , west nusa tenggara, east nusa tenggara 
Region IX Banjarbaru Branch 
Region X Makassar Branch North Sulawesi, gorontalo, central Sulawesi, west Sulawesi, south Sulawesi, south wasr Sulawesi 
Region XIJayapura Branch North Maluku, Maluku, west papua, papua

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Does pos Indonesia provide warehouse facility?

Yes, pos Indonesia provides warehouse facility to its customers. Besides it provides full security and insurance in case of any damage or loss. Therefore customers can make use of such facility without any fear or hesitation.

Q2. Is there any online facility provided by the company?

The office provides online facility to all those who prefer using internet and doing stuff through website. 

Q3. What is the email address of pos Indonesia?

The email address of pos Indonesia which is 24/7 active for the convenience of its clients is [email protected].

Q4. What is meant by “same day service”?

Same day service is the type of service by which you can send packages, merchandise, mail and documents in maximum 9 hours or till 4 pm. Further they also provide pickup for free and the customer can track the packages on the official website.

Q5. Pos Indonesia is governmental or non-governmental company?

Pos Indonesia is a government own company with up to date technology and services.

Q6. Does company carry international services?

According to the demand and needs of contemporary times, pos Indonesia provides international services to its customers. Hence there are several international points as well.