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Generating your duplicate LESCO bill is not a problem anymore if you have not received the bill or don’t have time to collect it. As there is a lot of hustle bustle in our everyday lives which make it difficult to manage our electricity online bills. So, our website is there to help you in finding your bill within seconds at the comfort of your fingertips.

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You will need a reference number which is usually a 14 or 15 digit numbers and is used to identify your bills from others. It is a unique number and is only allotted to your bill thus it distinguishes your bill from other bills. Now, just put it in the search box and voila! Your duplicate bills or bill will be on the screen in front of you absolutely free.


Browsing bills and getting them absolutely free is a reality of today’s world. The online LESCO bill facility is now available to everyone who wants to check their bills online. Moreover it is a great leisure to people who do not want to tire themselves by visiting collection points. You can find the lesco bill duplicate with a three step process and pay it easily.


You do not have to rely on bill distributors because now our system will help you in generating your bill within seconds. This system works efficiently on the process of redirection of the bill and providing you free online bills. So, leave all your worries and get the LESCO bills online check by using any smart device or computer with a good internet connection right now. 

Two easy Steps for getting LESCO bill

  • Take the reference number from an old bill. Now, enter it in the search box which is on the top of your mobile or computer screen.
  • Afterwards, press the search bill button and wait until it redirects and shows you the bill on the screen. Here, you can check bill and its details through this bill checker.

Note: Once the website view bill on the screen, you can print your bill directly if you have a printer attached to the device. In case you do not have a printer then download the bill electricity by clicking on the download icon at the end of the dublicate bill. Save this file and you can print it later whenever you find a printer.


LESCO which is a short form of Lahore Electric Supply Company began its services in 1998. It provides electricity services to all the districts of Lahore, Sheikhupura, Okara and Kasur. Thus, it consists of more than a hundred sub-divisions and is one of the largest electricity provider companies that work under WAPDA.

LESCO Operation Circles

North Lahore Circle 5 Divisions / 28 Sub Divisions

Central Lahore Circle 5 Divisions / 31 Sub Divisions

Eastern Lahore Circle 4 Divisions / 23 Sub Divisions

Okara Circle 4 Divisions / 23 Sub Divisions

South-Eastern LHR Circle 4 Divisions /26 Sub Divisions

Sheikhupura Circle 4 Divisions / 18 Sub Divisions

Kasur Circle 5 Divisions / 30 Sub Divisions

Nankana Circle 4 Divisions / 16 Sub Divisions



LESCO Helpline

If you need any help regarding your electricity service or LESCO bill, you can contact the headquarters by calling on the following number: 111-000-118. Remember to be patient while calling the headquarters because it is usually busy in responding to calls.

If you want some additional information, you will need to visit the nearest LESCO customer services center in your area.  Moreover, you can call on 0800-00118 for registering a complaint or visit the official website: www.lesco.gov.pk

Notable points to understand LESCO bill

Your bill includes a great deal of information which can help you a lot in managing your electricity bills and checking electricity bill online. Some of the important points of LESCO bill that will help you in understanding are given below.

CR Meaning

It is credit bill amount which is the extra balance that you have paid more than the current bill amount. This amount is like an advance payment which is then adjusted in the next bill for the following month.   

Deferred Bill

This tagline on the lescobill means that you have a choice to pay the full amount or postpone the online check electricity bill payment. If you postpone the payment, LESCO will automatically divide the bill amount in installments and will add it to the next month’s bill. Moreover, you will not have to pay any extra charges as well.

PM Relief

This package is only valid during the Coronavirus pandemic which is a relief package from the government of Pakistan. This allows the people to pay their bills in installments without any extra charges because many people faced financial issues during this period. Moreover, this facility was also given to commercial consumers as well.

Bill payment methods

You can pay your bills either online or offline depending on your choice. The online methods are easy and do not need a visit to any bank or customer service center. You will only need an internet banking service to pay your bills online.

Contrary to that, the offline bill payment needs a visit to the bank or customer service center along a hard copy of the bill. Thus, you can pay the bill there if you want to opt for the conventional old method of bill payment.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I check my Lesco bill?

With our two-step online checking process, you can search your bill within a few seconds on our website.

How can I check my electricity bill in Pakistan?

You can check electricity bill with the help of the reference number through our website. Just remember to click on the relevant company’s bill option and you will have the bill immediately.

Where is consumer number on Lesco bill?

It is always on the top left corner of the bill and is on the 5th column. A hint to spot the reference number is the fact that it is under the meter number for your bill check online.

Can I pay Lesco bill online?

Yes, you can pay it online through internet banking applications or EasyPaisa or JazzCash accounts from your phone.

How do I download an old Lesco bill?

Sorry, you cannot download an old lesco bill check from any website. In case you need it, you will have to visit the customer service center of your region to get an old bill or electric bill check online. 

How can I get a job in LESCO?

If you are looking for jobs in LESCO which works under WAPDA then we recommend you to visit the official website. You have to look for the news and job section and you will get all the new job details over there.

How can I download Lessco bill? 

Just click on the download icon beneath the bill on the screen and it will automatically download the bill lesco in PDF format. It is an easy lesco online billing service for consumers of lasco.

How can I get my bill Wapda online or online electricity bill?

You can get any WAPDA bills here by clicking on the specific bill company service from the drop down menu. Then, you will need a reference number of lesco bill and we will provide you the online bill lesco at the spot. So, you can check electric bill online here with us.