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Our website is an absolutely free bill provider if you are searching for an online IESCO bill. You can search and find your electricity bill and have duplicate bills copy of it within seconds. We will only ask a reference number from an old bijli bill and the rest is upon us to show you the online bill iesco. So, enter your bill reference no and get your bill right now.

There is no time or location constraint in searching your IESCO bill on our website. You can search a single bill or even search multiple bills respectively without any search limits. Besides, you can do bill check online by an old or new reference number because their system supports both the numbers. So, get your bill and enjoy the time which you would waste on collecting it from collection point.


Customers of IESCO can generate their IESCO bills online and download or print it at their leisure. They just need a reference no that will help them in identifying their bills from other bills. With so much customer satisfaction, you can easily have your bill in hand by just clicking on a few things. And finally, you are done to view your bill in front of you.


Our website has dedicated to all your online billing solutions so that you can live a comfortable life and enjoy the benefits of technology. All the consumers from Islamabad to Rawalpindi or Jhelum can search their bills here without any charges. Besides, you can check the billing history or online electricity bill payment status of the previous month’s bill in the onlinebill as well.

Guide to search your IESCO bill

  • First, find the search box on top of the screen and enter your old or new reference number in it.
  • Now, click on the ‘search bill’ button next to it and wait for a second or two for online iesco billing duplicate copy.
  • The system will redirect you to the official page and will display your bill on the screen.

Remember: Now, you have two options; you can print the iesco dublicate bill directly if you have a printer attached to the computer. If not, then you can save the bill by downloading it and keeping it in the mobile or computer for printing this ieco bill later.

What is IESCO?

IESCO is an abbreviation of Islamabad Electric Supply Company which is a division of WAPDA. It was formed to take over the responsibilities of Islamabad Area Electricity Board for providing electricity to Islamabad and its adjacent areas. These regions include areas from Attock to Jhelum and Rawalpindi. 


Services of IESCO

The main function of iesco is to provide electricity distribution service to many areas ranging from Attock to Jheleum, and from the river Indus to River Neelum in Kashmir. It supplies electricity along electricity bills online to almost 2.8 million consumers in six major districts under its jurisdiction. The districts that benefit from iesco are Rawalpindi, Chakwal, Attock, Jhelum and Federal Capital Islamabad.

Tips to reduce bills

  • Replace the normal bulbs with energy save lights because they consume less energy.
  • Do not use electronic devices during peak hours because the electricity charges are expensive at that time.
  • Always try to use electric items individually and don’t turn on everything at the same time. This way, you will be able to consume less energy.

Important terminologies in IESCO bill

  • Connection date: It is the date on which you have first set your electricity online bill connection.
  • Reference number: A 14 digit number on your bill that distinguishes it from all other bills
  • Due date: It is the last date of the iesco bill payment online with the normal electricity charges.
  • Surcharge: An extra amount that you have to pay as fine if you are unable to pay the ieso bill wapda before the due date.
  • Bill timing: these are the times when the meter reader took the reading and the issue date of the bill. It is different from region to region and can vary to a greater degree.

Circle and divisions detail of IESCO

To provide efficient and satisfactory services IESCO has divided its six districts into 5 circles and many divisions. The purpose for this division is to maximize the customer care services to a greater degree and make life easier for consumers. Each division of the circle has a customer services officer who deals with all your issues related to IESCO. 

  • Islamabad circle: (1) Isb Division 1, (2) Islamabad Division 2, (3) Barakahu Division
  • Rawalpindi circle: (1) Rawat Division, (2) City Division, (3) Cantt Division (Rawalpindi), (4) Satellite Town Division, (5) Westridge Division, (6) Tariqabad Division
  • Attock circle: (1) Taxila Division, (2) Pindigheb Division, (3) Attock Division
  • Jhelum circle: (1) Jhlm Division 1 (2) Jhelum Division 2, (3) Gujar Khan Division
  • Chakwal circle: (1) Chakwal Division, (2) Talagang Division, (3) Dhudial Division, (4) Pind Dadan Khan Division

Contact details 

For any kind of problem, you can visit the head office of IESCO or visit the regional customer service from the list of customer services centers here. Moreover, you can contact them through email or by calling on the helpline number as well.

Head Office address: Street # 40 Sector G-7/4 Islamabad

Official website:

Email address: [email protected].

Helpline number: 051-9252937

Frequently Asked Questions

How to check iesco online bill?

It is an easy process to check your iesco bill online check by entering the reference number in the search box of our website.

How to calculate iesco estimate bill?

The bijli bill check calculator facility by iesco helps you in calculating your bill easily. You can check it from the official website.

Can I check bill by meter number?

No, you can only check bill online by a reference number which is a 14 or 15 digits number. Besides, you cannot check it by name or address either.

How to get previous month bill?

You can get a bill duplicate of your previous bill or check electric bill online on our website.  But, you cannot check older than that iesco bills.

What are the iesco peak hours?

The peak hours of iesco are 7:00 pm to 11:00 pm and the electricity charges during this time are higher than normal hours.

How to change consumer name in iesco electricity bill?

You will have to visit the customer service center or head quarter office to change the name of the consumer in iesco electricity or online electric bill check facility.

How can I apply for a new connection?

You can apply for a new connection by visiting a regional office or filling an online application form “Application and Agreement” also known as A&A form in the iesc bill company.