How to Make Big Shoes Fit

Everyone is aware of the feeling when you spot your dream shoes, put them on your feet but they are very big in size and you are clueless on how to make big shoes fit. The shoes slightly too big and there are no other pair left of your size. Or you have borrowed shoes from a cousin or a friend and they are little big on your feet. So you need not to worry or lose heart at such small problem. Indeed there are many tricks on how to fit into big shoes and not be looking awkward. 

Moreover if there are shoes too big in which your heels are again and again slipping out or the toes are sliding in front. Then too, there are many solutions on how to fit into bigger shoes. If not all this, and you perhaps in excitement have bought a wrong size of too big shoes for yourself.

Now you must be thinking about making that pair to fit your feet. Definitely we all have faced such issues before and now we have plenty of answers for it. Let’s see what we have on how to make shoes smaller. 

How to Make Big Shoes Fit

Besides how to make a big shoe fit, another tension is being uncomfortable, pair of shoes that are big can blister feet and can cause severe pain. To avoid such an issue, you must have gone through a search to shrink the shoes or find some other solution to makes shoes smaller in order to fit them in the feet.

Thus you have come to the right place where you will find all types of remedies for your problem on what to do when shoes are too big. The solution that suits you on how to make too big shoes fit. You can use any of these tactics without any side effect and issue.  So that making shoes smaller is no more worrisome & you enjoy your favorite shoes!

Methods to Make Big Shoes Fit

The following methods can be used to make shoes smaller. In other words, learn how to make bigger shoes fit in your feet:

Wear Thick Socks

Undoubtedly one of the easiest ways to befit bigger shoe size is to use thick pair of socks. You can also use 2, 3 pairs of socks or usage of shoe inserts for big shoes will help. Thus that will result in increase in foot size and you can then place your feet in the shoes. As a result the feet will fit in the bigger size shoes and you can use your favorite shoes comfortably.

Stuff the End of Toes

My shoe is too big, what can I do?  You can put materials like tissue paper, cotton balls, newspaper or thin cloth in front of your toes and tip of the shoes. In this was your feet will not slide forward. You can easily make shoe smaller & walk gently.

Try to Shrink the Shoes with Water

Nevertheless, few shoes are slightly too big. You may want to make them a little smaller in size. This can be done by sprinkling the shoes with water and then dry them under the air. You can get great results if it is done properly. But there can be risk of damage so before doing it you must read out the labels and instructions on how to make a shoe smaller.

In such process you have to place the shoes in water, then let the shoes get dry in sunlight or under air. When dried out, try them and if still the shoes are too big then try the above process several times for best results.

Shoe too big? Use Elastic Bands 

Shoes is too big but you are best at sewing, the process is very easy for you then. All you have to do is stitch elastic rubbers at both ends of shoes so that it pulls the material together. For this you only have to have a needle, elastic band and thread.

Usage of Insole & Shoe Filler

Usage of Insole & Shoe Filler

For making shoes half size too big fit into the feet you can use insole. It is a smooth & soft pad that is made of gel like substance and foam. Furthermore you have to make that insole sit in the shoes to provide support and cushioning. As open shoes are uncomfortable so insole provides support to body and covers up the extra space making shoes tight in feet.

Insoles are cheap in price and easily available at shoe stores. Another help can be of shoe filler for shoes that are too big.

My shoe is too big & I am worried – Use Heel Strips

Doesn’t know how to fix too big shoes? Here is the guide, if the heel of the shoes is pinching and is uncomfortable then heel grips or heel strips are used. Their design is like strip and you can place them vertically in the shoes resulting in covering extra space. This is how to fix shoes that are too big.

My shoes are too big – Visit a Cobbler

When all the procedures fail then the ultimate option left is to see a cobbler or a professional. They know exactly how to make your shoe smaller. They will mend the shoes for you as they are professionals of how to make big shoes fit smaller. We know that now a days services of cobbler are very expensive. Yet we suggest take the services of a professional when shoes are worth it.

Some Other Tips on How to wear shoes that are too big:

Not satisfied with the above procedures. Here are some more tips & tricks that you can follow to fit shoe half size too big. 

What to do if shoes are too big – Maintain Posture

One thing should be kept in mind, no matter what you do inside the shoes but maintain your posture. You have to stand straight with pointed head and stretch your shoulders straight. It compensates for your big size shoes. In this way you will have dignity in your walk.

How to fit into shoes that are too big – Avoid Long Walk

What to do if your shoes are too big and you have to go for prolonged walk or distant places. Try to avoid shoes that are open in your feet. Because if you don’t, you will be uncomfortable and unable to walk for long. Still, if you continue to walk there will be cuts, blisters and foot sore which will lead to severe injury & health issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Will water shrinking trick work on canvas shoes?

If you have canvas shoes that are too big. You cannot apply water shrinking trick on it because water may change its color and it depends on type of canvas as well. Therefore, you need to try something else for canvas shoes half a size too big.

Q2. How can I make my Timberlands look smaller?

For making your timberlands look smaller wear skinny pants that are open at the bottom. Thus cut off the pant and scatter it over your shoes. This is one way how to make your shoes smaller.

Q3. Will the water method need conditioning kits?

Yes, mostly water method needs conditioning kits for shoes like leather and suede. Because water may lightens the color of the shoes. Further, you should know alternate ways how to make shoes fit that are too big in case the water method doesn’t work for you.

Q4. What to do with shoes that are too big?

There is nothing difficult in that. There is a list of tricks how to make shoes that are too big fit. For instance, use thick or double pair of socks, stuff the end to toes, shrink with water, use elastic bands, shoes filler or heel strips etc. 

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