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The perfect partner is GMS courier worldwide express, on whom you can count on one hundred and one percent. With headquarters in Bangalore and many top class 3500 destinations in India, the company was established in 2006.

Their 5.7 million shipments per year are delivered daily via 1100 workstations, which are all equipped with e-mail service and have 1 web server, 1 cloud server, and 9 data servers. Further, up to 4 regional offices and 1200 franchises are owned by the company, and there are 106 branches.

All the customers can transport parcels, documents and heavy parcels through Efficient Parcel Transfer. They can do so on a timely basis, and if not, a refund is provided. In addition, GMS courier is technologically advanced and can provide you with all the information regarding the location and delivery of your parcel within seconds. All data can be exchanged digitally.

As the company strives to become the primary provider of services around the world, the board of directors and all employees are diligently working. Employees play a vital role in helping a company become successful, which is why the company offers its team the best benefits and wages available.

To summarize the visionary act, GMS hopes to be the first choice for quality service providers. To provide quality service with the latest technology with trust and consistency, and to uphold the levels of customer service.

GMS Courier

Values: As a result, the values are as follows:

  • In order to bring innovation and creativity
  • Avoid causing harm to the environment
  • Assure equal opportunity in employment
  • • Conduct business in an ethical and professional manner
  • Being a responsible business person

How to track consignment

Please open the official site of GMS courier to track your consignment. A box will appear under the heading “CONSIGNMENT TRACKING”, which will appear in the top right corner of the page. In this section you must enter your “CONSIGNMENT NUMBER” or “REFERENCE NUMBER”, followed by clicking “SUBMIT” Consequently, you will see tracking details.

Services of GMS courier:

As a provider of courier services, GMS offers the following:

  • Only within India is this service available, and it is suitable for all destinations. The first category of domestic service includes the delivery of small packages and documents to all the company’s destinations within one or two working days, also by air.
  • In addition, heavy shipments delivered by rail or road are also included in the category and are processed within two to three days. This type of service is provided by GMS courier with money return guarantee and delivery that is guaranteed for the next day. In addition, packing options are provided throughout the country at all major locations; however, the delivery is limited to three kilograms and done by experienced personnel.
  • In addition to domestic services, value-added services also play an important role: On the one hand, payment after delivery is a service that requires the recipient of your shipment to pay after getting the shipment delivered. Minute charges are added to the bill. Another service is payment after delivery of products, in which customers of a client buy a product and then pay for it after receiving it.

International Service of the courier

In addition, GMS courier offers clients international delivery services as well. There are multiple international destinations where the company can achieve its services and make the customer’s life easier. Services provided on an international basis include:

  • As an added advantage, customers may send urgent documents and small parcels via air to Gms couriers’ destinations around the world.
  • The parcel will be delivered to the recipient within three to five working days. Other international services, like air cargo, ship less urgent shipments to international destinations, including Europe, Far East, Canada, and the U.S. The air cargo network ships shipments to destinations outside North America, such as Europe, the Far East, Canada, and the United States.
  • Furthermore, commercial consignments can also be sent to major international locations, including those that require clearance through customs.

Depending on the client’s preferences, transport can be done by air or by sea.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Does GMS courier provide international shipments?

It’s true, GMS Courier offers international deliveries that are fast, reliable, affordable, and secure.

Q2. Is there a GMS company near me?

Among the 3500 destinations of GMS courier, all are very important areas, and you can find your nearest location by visiting the official website.

Q3. Do you deliver to residential sites?

GMS courier delivers to residential sites with some additional charges.

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