How to get tar off shoes

How to get tar off shoes | Easy cleaning steps

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Tar stuck in shoes is a problem for many people who do not know how to get tar off shoes. Firstly, there are different types of tars that can get stuck in your shoes. Secondly, they all need different methods to remove tar effectively from each of them. 

You may face a variety of tar getting stuck in your shoes whenever walking or going along the road. The different types of tar that may stick in your shoes can be beach tar, turpentine tar, pine tar, black tar, etc. They can cause damage to the boots if not tackled quickly and can make the shoes sticky and difficult for walking.


The easiest way to remove tar off shoes or boots is to scrap the tar with a knife. Then, apply a spray like WD40 or rubbing alcohol for removing any remaining tar and wipe them with a tissue paper. This applies to tar in general and can help you to some extent in removing tar off shoes.

Moreover, if the shoes are stuck with a specific tar then do not panic because we have a solution to that as well. Here, we have a few easy and quick methods on what removes tar from different shoes or how to clean the bottom of shoes. 

How to get tar off shoes

Method 1: How to get off really stubborn tar from shoes

Step 1: use a stainless steel knife to get rid of hard tar

Take a stainless steel knife and gently scrap off the hard tar from the bottom of the shoes. Remember to be gentle during the process because you may end up in scrapping a part of the soles. In case there is still any tar left in the gaps between the outer soles, try the following step on how to get tar off shoes.

Step 2: use a conditioner to soften the tar

If you have any leftover tar in the gaps of the outer soles, then apply any conditioner to soften the tar. For instance, you can use boot conditioners, olive oil, eucalyptus oil, vegetable oil, and butter as conditioners. Just apply a generous amount of conditioner on the remaining tar and keep it overnight which will soften the tar. Then, take a toothbrush and brush out the remaining softened tar from the shoes. 

Step 3: Use solvents for removing the remaining stains

By chance if there is any tiny stain of tar that is still visible on the shoes, you can easily remove them with the help of solvents. You can take fuel (petrol), lamp oil, turpentine oil, WD40 or rubbing alcohol as tar removing solvents. 

Just take a piece of cloth and dip it in any of the above solvents. After that start rubbing off the tar stains in a circular motion until they are gone. Finally, you will have a tar free and stain free surface on your shoes.

Method 2: how to get off general tar from shoes

Step 1: Use a plastic knife for scrapping off tar

Take a plastic knife and scrap off the general tar with gentle strokes from the soles of the shoes. This will only remove the major chunks of tar from the shoes. Thus, if you want to know how to get tar off shoes then you will need to follow step 2 to remove the remaining tar.

Step 2: Take a tar cleanser

There are a lot of tar specific cleansers that helps in removing tar from the shoes very efficiently. Apply a thick layer of the cleanser on the soles for how to get tar off skin and leave it for an hour to soften the tar.

Step 3: Use a toothbrush for cleaning

Now take a toothbrush and brush the areas with the remaining tar on them. Remember to brush gently so that the soles are not damaged.

Step 4: Use a dish soap and water solution

Take a bowl and make dish soap and water solution in it. Then take a piece of cloth and dip it in the solution. Gently rub the damp cloth over the stains on the soles which will remove the remaining stains. This will easily help you out in how to clean white rubber shoe soles or how to remove tar remains on shoes.

how to get rid of beach tar

Method 3: how to get rid of beach tar

Usually no one wears shoes on the beach but there are many people who try wearing shoes on the beach. A usual misfortune can happen that is the beach tar will get stuck in the shoes making you regret your decision. Here we will let you know how to remove beach tar or how to get tar off shoes.

Step 1: Put the shoes in the freezer

Cover your shoes in a cotton bag and freeze them overnight in a freezer. Freezing will brittle up the sand or beach tar and then easily peel off the tar with a scraper or a brush with hard bristles.

Step 2: Use vegetable oil

Apply some vegetable oil to soften the remaining tar and brush it out from the soles with a toothbrush. You can also use baby oil, car tire tar cleaners, and hair conditioner instead of vegetable oil. 

Step 3: Wipe off with an Armor All Wipes 

At last, take Armor All Wipes and wipe off any residue of tar from the soles of the shoes

Method 4: how to get tar off leather shoes

Step 1: Use a plastic scraper

In order to know how to remove tar from skin or how to get tar off of skin of leather shoes, just follow the steps. First, take a plastic scrapper and remove only the upper hard layer of tar from the top and sides of the shoes. Do not remove the thin layer while removing stains from leather shoes because it may scrap off the portions of leather with it.

Step 2: Use a paper towel

Take a paper towel and remove the tar residue or dust by rubbing it over the shoes. This will prevent the tar or dust from settling on the gaps of the shoes.

Step 3: Use the Armor All Wipes

Wipe out any residue with the help of the Armor All Wipes and clean any leftover stains on the shoes.

Step 4: Apply boot shining cream

Apply a thin layer of boot shining cream and let it settle for a few minutes. As a result, the leather fibers will shine again and will look new and fresh. After this, you will not need to search on how to remove tar from shoes at all.

how to get rid of tar from suede shoes

Method 5: how to get rid of tar from suede shoes

Suede shoes are much more delicate in comparison to leather shoes. They require a lot of care when cleaning and needs prevention from harsh chemicals.

  • Scrap it off gently while removing tar from skin or surface of the shoes.
  • After that, rub off the tar dust with the help of a toothbrush.
  • Apply some vegetable oil to soften the tar and clean it with a soft cloth.
  • Now dip another piece of cloth in a shampoo and water mixture and wipe off the remaining residue with it.
  • At last, remember to dry out your shoes with the help of a dryer and the shoes are ready. 

How to remove tar from clothing

People also search for other things such as how to remove tar from clothes or how to get pitch out of clothing. How to remove pitch from clothes or tar removal from clothes is an easy process. Follow the given steps for removing tar from clothes.

  • First of all freeze the cloths that will harden the tar which will help you in removing tar from clothing easily.
  • For removing tar from clothes, take a plastic scrapper and remove tar from clothing by gently scrapping it off. 
  • Mix a generous amount of washing soap and water in a bowl and put the clothes in it for an hour.
  • Now is the step on how to remove pitch from clothes so take out the clothes and wash them in a laundry machine.


We hope that how to get tar out of clothing will not be a problem for you anymore. By following our guide on how to get tar off clothes or how to get tar out of clothes, you will easily be able to wear and enjoy your clothes again.