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Sending parcels, goods and couriers and receiving them on proper time is very difficult task in now a day’s society. But in 21st century it is very easy to trace your courier and receive it safely only by using the services of Dayton tracking. Hence tracking dayton freight provides the facility to see where a cargo shipment is at any given time.

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Surprisingly the freight lines trucking service shows every stage of the shipment for trucking transport. Additionally, freight lines and express cargo’s journey from start till it is received can be traced with a tracking number. Customer can find out with apt clarity that where the package is. 

The company ensures your goods are delivered on schedule and in good condition every time. The company was established in the year of 1981 and is a non-government, union-free LTL freight carrier that has it’s headquarter in the city of Dayton, Ohio-state. Moreover it has 42 centers in the region of Midwest for service. Plus it also serves in United States of America, Canada, in the state of Mexico, and Guam as well as Puerto Rico state.

Dayton Freight Tracking  Dayton Freight Lines Tracking 

Dayton Freight Lines Tracking

Freight shipping provides its customers a specific number for each parcel. So in order to know the location that number can be used to track the parcel any time and there is no need to visit any franchise for the information.  Following steps need to be followed to check the status of your parcel online:

  • Open the website
  • Click track shipment option
  • On the bottom of the page there will be “track by number” option
  • Below it there will be box
  • Enter number into it and click track shipments button
  • Location of your parcel will be on your screen automatically

Dayton Freight Services 

Undoubtedly Dayton freight tracking provides unlimited services to its customers:


Off course, choosing DFT is like choosing superior quality and ease of doing business. The company works with pre-certified carriers which is a standard and hence it is one stop option because it is paired with LTL and DFXpedited services. Moreover the company has following benefits and services:

  • 24 hours online tracking
  • Same day quotes
  • Affordable pricing
  • There is also shipping across North America
  • On time delivery
  • Customized freight status notification
  • Intelligent team of professionals
  • Heated and refrigerated trailers 
  • Flatbeds 

Services are guaranteed 

Evidently any business depends on timely shipments and DFT guarantees on time delivery of the goods. The company is very confident about frieght team and they try their level best to accomplish the task. There are four Guarantee options:

On the Double

This program guarantees delivery for free of the important freight and there will be no claim if do not deliver on promise.

AM Guaranteed

Indeed it will arrive before noon and standard times apply plus 35% of freight bill and $75 minimum.

PM Guaranteed

Surely the shipment will arrive before 5pm and will be safe. Apply 20% of freight bill and $35 minimum.

Your Way guaranteed

You can convert pm to am and the delivery is exactly on time.

Deck bar Trailers

Also the customer can have further safety from deck bar recreational vehicle of dayton’s freight. Thus it reduces the damage during loading and transport. Moreover the trailers have deck bars which works on a horizontal and vertical level for the safety of freight. Besides it can be adjusted in height and weight allowances are given. Further, deck bar provides better usage of the area or space while prevents consignments from being over loaded over one another.

DFX pedited Service

Furthermore we know that time is currency and the DFXpedited service is the most time sensitive shipping option that meets the deadlines of customers. Hence customer can call 24/7 to Dayton freight line and they will immediately plan the fastest and the best plan to take your shipment to its destination safely and timely.

Lift gates

Surely the well-organized lift gates is the easiest method to deal with freight and is ideal for locations without docks. Consequently they help and increases the ability of picking up and delivering the material fast and without any damage.

Home Delivery

Hence home delivery can be another choice for the customer. Thus the trucks at straight and lift gates make it easy to take the shipment into the neighborhoods and tight areas. Dayton is equipped with the facility to take your load to the place of your choice or any final destination of your choice.

Insurance for Inland Transportation

However to serve the customers in a better way DFT provides insurance to its freight moving throughout US and Canada over the land. A sum of upto 110% is covered by the insurance of the total value of invoice of the shipment and freight charges. Therefore in case of any damage done or loss, there is no need to be worried because the shipment is fully insured and there will be no deductions being made for it.

Pool Distribution 

According to the customer’s needs DFT is equipped with numerous distribution services. Those taking assembly services, the company will load shipments from different vendors and pack them into a single parcel for delivery. While distribution offer receive truckload things at centralized center that is based on the location of the customers. Hence shipments are loaded to deliver it the next day. 

Service Centre And Careers

Service Centre And Careers:

Dayton Freight Jobs:

Dayton freight career opportunities offer employment for everyone. Search for freight trucking company or freight carriers near me, or simply visit the website and go to Dayton freight employees’ page and check for vacancies. 

Service centers:

Since different service centers are conveniently located and strategically positioned to provide easy and fast deliveries. You can click the map on the website and can directly find the location nearest you. Thus a customer can wholly rely on our different service centers that will help and ensure that the shipments are delivered safely and on time. Following are our different service centers, just google shipping company near me and you will get a list of it.

StateService CenterPhone Toll Free
Georgia Dalton 706.609.4199833.784.1387
Illinois Elgin 847.803.0446800.999.4287
Indiana Lowell 219.552.7008855.227.6071
Iowa Burlington 319.237.7025855.326.4916
KansasTopeka 785.329.2959800.280.5983
Kentucky London 859.485.8505866.977.2851
Michigan Detroit 586.979.9125888.860.1909
Minnesota Duluth 763.493.5841800.860.1974
Missouri Columbia 573.442.3313855.816.9724
Nebraska Omaha 402.769.4120844.231.7056
OhioAkron 330.346.0750800.860.6540
PennsylvaniaPittsburgh 724.929.0171877.860.6643
Tennessee Jackson 731.307.4177888.442.9138

Dayton Freight Contact 

Contact by mail

Dayton Freight Lines, Inc.

6450 Poe Ave

Dayton OH 45414

Contact by phone

Toll free – 800.860.5102

Local – 937.264.4060

Fax Numbers

Customer Service – 937.415.0935

Benefits/Human Resources – 937.264.4073

Accounting – 937.264.4079

Claims – 937.890.4846



[email protected]

DFXpedited Service


[email protected]

Truckload (DFT)


[email protected]

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How do I contact an Account Manager in my area?

You can easily reach the Account Manager of your area by simply calling the number that is listed for your local service center on the service centers page.

Q2. Do you provide truckload service including refrigerated and flatbed?

Definitely the company provides truckload service including refrigerated and flatbed and DFT is the truckload division. Further, you can do your calculations through our website calculator and get bill of lading in pdf.

Q3. Can I get a Bill of Lading or arrange for an online pickup?

Yes, you can obtain a Bill of Lading in PDF form online. If a customer is a registered user then he or she has an option to save it in the DFL account. Otherwise if not a registered user then there is an option to fill out the Bill of Lading and save in the computer as PDF.

Q4. Do you offer a driver’s training program for CDL?

Currently the company does not offer a classroom setting for drivers to get their CDLs. However,   there is three month Dock Program for drivers that allows seasoned dock workers to become Class A, Class B or Non CDL driver.

Q5. Do I have to be registered on your website to trace a shipment?

No, there is no need to be registered to trace your shipment.

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