Akash Ganga Courier Tracking-The best courier in India

Today, the courier service plays a major role in our lives. It’s worrying for some of us, this is something Akash Ganga Courier Tracking is well aware of and gives you the solution.

The online tracking system of AGC provides its clients with the highest quality courier shipping. Akash shipway has started 22 years ago and has established 1809 franchisees with 7 thousand pin codes in 150 cities across the country. Your courier location can be checked anytime and anywhere on the website of Akash Ganga Courier (AGC).

Akash Ganga Courier Tracking

How can I track my courier?

The Akash Courier Tracking system gives its users a unique tracking number for each parcel. If you want to keep yourself updated on the contents of your package, you can use this number in conjunction with a pin code.

These are some of the steps you’ll have to go through to check the status of your parcel online.

  • On the site, look at the upper left corner
  • Box 1 of the chart shows “Enter the AWB no.”
  • There are two boxes to the right of the picture
  • Box 2 asking you to enter a pin code.
  • The AWB number and the PIN code should be entered

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Services by Akash Ganga

The customer needs two types of services to be satisfied by the business.

  • The necessary materials which are used in everyday life of both the office and the household are parceled and received with the assistance of the courier service provided by Akash Ganga.
  • The company uses cargo services to transport large shipments.
  • International services: The Company is proud to have established international access and the company is happy to announce a range of international courier and cargo services.

Salient Features of AGC

  1. The system is one of the fastest on the market
  2. It is the safest OLT service thanks to ODA
  3. It is very much on time with the delivery system
  4. The system is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week
  5. The delivery centers numbers about 3000
  6. The importance of punctuality cannot be overstated
  7. There are more than 4000 branches

Customer Care Centers

In terms of franchisees and branches, Akash Ganga is well spread among a lot of courier companies.

Consequently, AGC has established customer care centers in several parts of the country to provide better help and care to its customers. Thus, any kind of information regarding the courier’s shipment will be made accessible to customers.

There are 10,000,000 deliveries made by Akash Ganga Courier Limited every year.

Our Clients

Our company deals with many international and national customers, which is a testament to our security and reliability. Those are the clients we have been working with forever. The company and the clients are tied together by tried and tested techniques for collaborating.

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